According to the State Council’s “Overall Plan for Promoting the Construction of World-Class Universities and First-Class Disciplines”, in order to implement the spirit of Nankai University’s “Global Nankai Plan (2016-2020)” and “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” of the College of Foreign Languages and “the first-class construction plan”, as well as promote the significant improvement of the international development level of the College of Foreign Languages, The International Development Office of the College of Foreign Languages was established in 2016 with the approval of the Party and Government Joint Conference of the School.

This department is the main liaison and promotion agency for the college to strengthen international contacts and improve the level of international development, whose responsibilities are:

1. To assist the dean in charge to carry out international exchanges and other work;

2. To cooperate with the Department of Translation in the management of the “High-edge Translation Talent Training Project” of the Joint Graduate School of Nankai University-Glasgow University, and other international projects of the college, and do a good job in the coordination and management of enrollment, training, graduation and other links;

3. To assist the dean in charge to actively explore new models of cooperation with overseas high-level universities, such as joint training of postgraduates and dual-degree programs between China and foreign countries;

4. To assist all departments to expand overseas communication channels, expand the scale of overseas exchanges, and improve the international training level of undergraduates and graduate students;

5. To assist various scientific research centers to establish joint scientific research institutions with famous foreign universities and research institutions to further expand the field, form and scale of foreign cooperation;

6. To assist the research centers, departments and majors in the liaison and organization of international academic conferences;

7. To assist the college leaders to receive visits from foreign delegations and scholars, organize greets, arrange meeting venues, prepare meeting materials, take pictures, provide tea, record the content of the meeting, etc;

8. To be in charge of liaison and formalities for the college’s visiting delegation;

9. To write publicity manuscripts in a timely manner, and do a good job in the news reporting of our college's international academic exchange activities;

10. To assist all departments to implement college-level international cooperation projects, and provide comprehensive services for students participating in international exchanges, including the announcement and update of cooperation projects, registration and formalities guidance;

11. To regularly understand the students' opinions and suggestions on the international exchange work of our college, and report relevant information to relevant leaders;

12. To collect and organize the international exchange data of our college, and write the summary and analysis report of the college's international cooperation;

13. To keep abreast of the developments and good practices of internationalization work at home and abroad, and provide a basis for the decision-making of Glasgow and other international projects of our institute;

14. To be in charge of other work related to the international development of our college.

Foreign affairs work

1. To be in charge of the handling of the procedures for the faculty and staff to go abroad (border) on business, asking the department’s opinion, asking the leader to sign the opinion, and submitting it to the relevant unit;

2. To be in charge of the procedures of going abroad (border) for all students (including masters, masters and doctors) in the school, asking the department’s opinion, asking the leader to sign the opinion, and submit it to the relevant unit;

3. To be in charge of the application and conference affairs of the college’s annual international conference;

4. To be in charge of the recruitment of long-term foreign teachers of the college, applying for the annual foreign teacher recruitment plan in Nankai University’s talent introduction work service system, signing contracts with foreign teachers, and cooperating with the expert department to handle work permits in China, the renewal, daily management and dismissal of existing foreign teachers;

5. To be in charge of the college’s short-term foreign expert lectures, the key intelligence introduction projects declared by the college to the school, and the summer elementary school hiring experts project, which are carried out in the service system of Nankai University;

6. To apply information on various types of hiring experts to the college, organize reception, arrange conference affairs, publicity and reception matters, such as booking cars and meeting rooms, arranging banquets, making banners, etc.;

7. To be in charge of the development of cooperation and exchange projects between the various departments of the college and foreign universities;

8. To be in charge of the application of volunteers and teachers of the Confucius Institute;

9. To be in charge of the work of international students;

10. To be in charge of the drafting and submission of various foreign affairs documents;

11. To be in charge of other foreign affairs tasks assigned by the International Academic Exchange Office and the college.


Position: Research Assistant

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Address: CFL109

Research Interests: Italian