Academic Resource Center

Academic ResourceCenter is the auxiliary teaching and scientific research institution of the collegewhose responsibilities are:

1. To assist Chief Dean to be in charge of the management of data and the construction of Academic Resource Center;

2. To be in charge of the information communication and work connection with the library;

3. To be in charge of the borrowing and service of the books and journals in Academic Resource Center, and to formulate the rules and regulations of it;

4. To be in charge of the ordering and management of the books and periodicals in Chinese and foreign language of the college;

5. To be in charge of the classification and cataloguing of the books, to index the data and to provide service and decisions reference for teaching and research accordingly;

6. To investigate readers regularly and ask for comments and suggestions towards their needs of Academic Resource Center;

7. To conduct propaganda to teachers and students on the information resources about the recommendation of the library in Nankai University, and to provide guidance and training about the using of library for them;

8. To provide convenient conditions and good quality services actively for teachers and students to consult data;

9. To accomplish other work assigned by senior officers.


Position: Research Assistant

Tele: 022-23500079

Address: Academic Resource Center

Research Interests: Ideological and Political Education


Position: Associate Researcher

Tele: 022-23500079

Address: Academic Resource Center

Research Interests: Political theory