The Research Center for Foreign Literature of the College of Foreign Languages was established in May 2016. It currently contains 42 members and 6 research fields including English and American literature, Russian literature, Japanese literature, French literature, Latin American literature, and literary theory research. The director of the research center is Professor Liu Ying, and the secretary is Dr. Hui Chunping.

This research center is dedicated to studying and reviewing foreign literary theories, trends, schools, important writers and works and compiling literary histories of important countries and regions. By actively absorbing the prominent achievements of foreign literature creation and theoretical exploration, this center has made great contributions to the construction of our country's socialist civilization. Furthermore, this research center carries out researches on basic theories and literary classics, pays close attention to the frontier issues of the discipline and major literary phenomena in contemporary world, and at the same time conducts extensive domestic and foreign academic exchanges to consolidate the construction of disciplines and research centers.

The members of the center have successively presided over one key national social science project, one Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education of China, six projects supported by National Social Science Research Fund, four humanities and social science projects of the Ministry of Education, nine social science projects in Tianjin, and many school-level projects and horizontal scientific research projects. Moreover, it has completed a batch of influential research results in academic circles at home and abroad and won the third prize of Outstanding Achievement in Social Science of the Ministry of Education, and the third prize of Outstanding Achievement in Social Science of Tianjin.