Audiovisual Education Center

Audiovisual Education Center is the auxiliary teaching institution of the college whose responsibilities are:

1. To assist Chief Dean to be in charge of daily management and the construction of Audiovisual Education Center;

2. To be in charge of the preparation and maintenance work of language laboratories, Multi-Media classrooms and simultaneous interpreting classrooms to ensure the smooth progress of courses;

3. To be in charge of training the teachers and students, who use the teaching devices above-mentioned, to ensure the normal operation of these devices;

4. To provide and to be in charge of the audiovisual facilities that are needed in various teaching activities;

5. To assist some related teachers to extract and edit audiovisual resources used in teaching;

6. To be in charge of the usage and management of audiovisual devices in whole college, and to make the account, matter and cards accordant, ensuring the integrity of the device in college;

7. To be in charge of purchasing new devices or facilities and reimbursing bad debt of the obsolete devices;

8. To be in charge of the repairing and maintenance of the devices and facilities, keeping them in serviceable condition;

9. To be in charge of the secure operations of satellite receiving station, ensuring the normal transmission of the satellite signal;

10. To be in charge of the management of teacher’s computer rooms and network engine rooms, and to provide convenient conditions for teachers and students;

11. To be in charge of the information construction and network maintenance of the college;

12. To be in charge of the audiovisual transcript of activities, like teaching, academic and various conferences;

13. To accomplish other work assigned by senior officers.


Position: Experimentalist

Tele: 022-23508213

Address: CFL130

Research Interests: Computer Science