MTI Office

MTI Office is the MTI administrative unit of the teaching and administration of graduate studies of the college.

1. To assist the dean in charge and the center director in the daily teaching management of the master of translation, and draft relevant documents and manuscripts;

2. To be in charge of the enrollment of postgraduates in translation (including the recommendation of exempted postgraduates); assisting in the formulation of enrollment plans, and doing a good job in enrollment publicity; organizing translation of postgraduate exam propositions, scoring, re-examination and admission and other examination work;

3. To be in charge of the management of translation postgraduate course schedule; organizing mid-term teaching inspections; organizing final examinations; managing graduate students’ scores;

4. To be in charge of the management of the student status of translation postgraduates: handling postgraduate suspension, resumption, and withdrawal procedures;

5. To assist in organizing the evaluation of academic scholarships and bursaries for postgraduates in translation;

6. To assist in organizing the declaration of translation master’s degree postgraduate teaching and scientific research; organizing the declaration of professional degree courses, teaching cases, base construction and other projects;

7. To arrange and organize teaching internships and practical work for postgraduates in translation; organize and arrange the topic opening work for postgraduates in translation;

8. To organize work related to the graduation qualification review, graduation defense, and degree awarding of postgraduates in translation;

9. To organize the selection and appointment of tutors for master's degree students in translation;

10. To assist in organizing lectures by domestic and foreign experts and scholars;

11. To be in charge of the daily maintenance of the MTI web page;

12. To be in charge of statistics on the teaching workload of MTI teachers;

13. To be in charge of the management of educational administration files for postgraduates in translation;

14. To complete other tasks assigned by the leader.


Position: Research Assistant

Tele: 022-23509365

Address: CFL103

Research Interests: English