Graduate Studies Office

Graduate Studies Office is the graduate administrative unit of the teaching and administration of graduate studies of the college, whose responsibilities are:

1. To assist the Dean of College in making academic development plans, administrating graduate studies, and drafting related documents and manuscripts;

2.To enroll graduate students, assisting the college in making enrollment and publicity plans, and organizing other enrollment affairs in test design, exam marking, and admission decision;

3. To enroll graduate candidates from other institutions who are exempt from admission exam;

4. To preplan graduate curriculum, supervising the implementation of teaching plans, and arranging faculty members, classrooms, schedules, and final exams; to calculate the unit of study for faculty members;

5. To administrate the registration of graduate students, the process of signing up for the courses, and student’s academic performances; to handle the leave, drop-out, reentry, transfer, and overseas study procedures for the graduate students;

6. To organize the approval of graduate education reform project, and the application for international academic exchange programs; to prepare the application materials for high-quality textbooks and courses;

7. To organize the teaching practice and internship programs for graduate students; to organize their dissertation proposal and mid-term evaluation;

8. To organize the examination of graduate eligibility, the dissertation defense, and the degree-awarding;

9. To be in charge of academic evaluation and the application for master degree and Ph.D. programs;

    10. To recruit Master Supervisor and Ph.D. Supervisor;

    11. To administrate the post-doctoral research station of Foreign Languages and Literatures;

    12. To administrate the registration of graduate students’ working files;

    13. To administrate the staff members’ application for master degree programs;

    14. To accomplish other work assigned by senior officers.


Position: Research Associate

Tele: 022-23505735

Address: CFL103

Research Interests: French


Position: Research Assistant

Tele: 022-23506153


Research Interests:  Supply chain and logistics management