Teaching and Research Office

Teaching and research office is an authority managing undergraduate teaching and research of the college, whose responsibilities are:

1. To assist competent in the management of undergraduate teaching and research;

2. To organize education as well as the reform in education, and drafting relevant documents; to arrange the implementation of teaching program; to set the teaching plan and curriculum of undergraduate teaching, minor and double-major teaching; to mend teaching program of each course;

3. To be in charge of the report of a new major; to organize teaching inspection at the beginning, middle, and end of term; to organize the assessment of undergraduate teaching, the teaching research and reform in education of undergraduate curriculum, as well as the establishment of elite curriculums;

4. To be in charge of the arrangement of undergraduate curriculum, including minority languages, and the first and second foreign languages education of the whole university; to settle down the teachers, classrooms, textbooks as well as schedule, and notifying teachers and students; to check the implement of teaching plan; to organize students to select courses; to deal with exchanging courses; to be in charge of the final exams and the binding and keep of examination paper;

5. To be in charge of the management of school roll of undergraduate students, and their entrance, registration, switch of major, drop out as well as reinstating; to manage all the students’ grades and school roll, including who are undergraduate, minoring or double- majoring as well as those dropped out, transferred, reinstated or in suspension;

6. To arrange the internship and practical teaching of the undergraduate students; managing graduation thesis and checking the qualification of graduation;

7. To organize the setup of the reform of education and the establishment of textbooks; to organize the selection and praise of outstanding textbooks; to collect the materials and report the setup of the reform of education and the establishment of curriculums as well as textbooks; to collect and report news related to education;

8. To recommend graduate students for examination free;

9. To be in charge of the foreign exchange and cooperation of education; to manage the education of foreign students;

10. To manage files of the undergraduate teaching;

11. To collect statistics of teaching workload;

12. To assist competent in the report of research projects and the management during the projects;

13. To manage files of the researches in the college;

14. To organize and coordinating the academic exchanges activities in the college;

15. To manage all the classrooms in the college;

16. To accomplish other work assigned by senior officers.


Position: Research Assistant

Tele: 022-23503695

Address: CFL109

Research Interests: Chinese Language


Position: Research Assistant

Tele: 022-23503695

Address: CFL109

Research Interests: Italian