College Office

This is an integrated office of the college. The following is a list of our responsibilities:

1. To assist the president to do the daily administration, logistics management, financial management and other work;

2. To draft the administrative documents and publish the college’s notices;

3. To manage the seal of the college and issue all kinds of written testimonials;

4. To purchase, manage and distribute the office supplies and subscribe to journals;

5. To administrate office space and college facilities;

6. To process documents sent between the university and the college;

7. To coordinate the departments and organizations within the college and see to the execution of college decisions;

8. To edit and publish the timeline of the college and popularize the college;

9. To offer information that can help with senior officers decisions;

10. To help prepare, organize and minute various party and administrative meetings;;

11. To be in charge of the reception and contacts with the visitors;

12. To be in charge of the welfare of college faculties;

13. To assist the college’s labor union and the Communist Youth League, and design activities for staff;

14. To organize charity activities;

15. To arrange and manage the college conference room;

16. To implement the college’s security and fire protection procedures;

17. To keep the college’s administrative archives;

18. To organize alumni work;

19. To organize the college's Training Center, Foreign Language Test Center and Center for Adult Education;

20. To accomplish other work assigned by senior officers.


Position: Research Assistant

Tele: 022-23508428


Research Interests: Chinese Language


Position: Research Assistant

Tele:  022-23508528

Address: CFL107

Research Interests: International Relations


Position: Research Assistant

Tele:  022-23506832

Address: CFL104

Research Interests: Accounting