Party Committee Office

The Office of the Party Committee is a comprehensive service organization of the College Party Committee, whose responsibilities are:

1. To assist with college party affairs;

2. To be in charge of the daily affairs, party affairs, party construction and Party Committee propaganda, statistics, and membership dues management;

3. To be in charge of the coordination and supervision of the college party work arrangement, contact the school department and the general public party organization, collect and exchange information on Party building;

4. To be in charge of the drafting of documents and official communications and memos;

5. To be in charge of the management of the college party's official seal, responsible for the party's written testimonials;

6. To be in charge of information management;

7. To be in charge of the United Front Work in college;

8. To be in charge of the organizing and coordinating of the study of political theory and activities in the academy;

9. To receive letters and visits from students and teachers and help solve problems they point out;

10. To be in charge of responding and processing letters from superior offices;

11. To be in charge of the supervision of party work arrangement;

12. To prepare, organize and minute various party and administrative meetings;

13. To keep the college’s confidential materials;

14. To offer processed information to senior officers;

15. To be in charge of the keeping of college archives;

16. To accomplish other work assigned by senior officers.


Position: Research Assistant

Tele:  022-23505270

Address: CFL102

Research Interests: Administration