English Department, an important part of the foreign language disciplines of Nankai University, was founded in the autumn of 1931. In terms of faculty and student population, it was the largest among all departments in the College of Literature of Nankai University then. Its first dean is Professor Chen Kui, who was succeeded the next year by Liu Wuji, a famous scholar. After the outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Invasion in 1937, the department was compelled to move to the Southwest United University, and did not resume until 1949, when the People’s Republic of China was founded. Between 1949 and the 1980s, the famous writer and translator Li Jiye and Professor Chang Yaoxin, doctoral supervisor in American Literature, served as its deans. The present incumbent is Professor Zhang Wenzhong. During the past 70 years, Liang Zongdai, Bian Zhilin, Luo Dagang, Zha Liangzheng, Situ Yuelan, Li Yixie, Gao Diansen and other scholars worked in the English Department; the famous British writer Han Suyin was appointed honorary professor.

English Department, a key discipline of Tianjin, is authorized to grant doctoral degrees. Its faculty consists of 23 teachers, including 10 professors, 4 associate professors, 6 doctoral supervisors, and 7 master’s supervisors. Besides, 8-10 foreign experts are employed each year to deliver courses. The department enrolls 6 doctoral candidates, about 20 master degree candidates, and about 100 undergraduates each year.

The dean of the department: Professor Zhang Wenzhong.

The vice-dean of the department: Professor Ma Hongqi, Associate Professor Hao Yunzhi.

Faculty List

Suo Jinmei
Wang Hongyin
Li Bing
Miao Ju
Ma Hongqi
Liu Ying
Zhang Wenzhong
Li Li
Su Lichang
Hao Yunzhi
Wang Dongyan
Hui Chunping
Zhang Yali
Zang Liqiang
Luan Haiyan
Huang Zongxian
Liu Binmei
Sui Yanyan
Wang Kaihui
Cui Lifang
Li Yi
Li Chunjiang
Bian Yanfeng