NanKai University Organized A Seminar on The Construction of Arabic Majors


On December 27th, the College of Foreign Languages held a symposium on the construction of Arabic majors. Professor Fu Zhiming, Associate Dean of Peking University School of Foreign Languages, Professor Zhang Jiamin and Professor Jing Yunying from the Arabic Department of Peking University were invited to attend. Yan Guodong, Dean of the college of Foreign Languages, Li Dongyuan, Director of the Teaching and Research Office, Dou Tianjiao, the head of the Arabic major, and Fu Jingjiao, a young teacher, attended the discussion.

Yan Guodong expressed his warm welcome to the professor of Arabic at Peking University. He said that Peking University is a world-class university and the earliest opening of Arab and professional universities in China. Thanks to Peking University School of Foreign Languages for supporting the establishment of Arabic majors at Nankai University. Li Dongyuan and Dou Tianjiao introduced the basic situation of the Arabic major at the present stage, as well as the curriculum, outline planning, and faculty status. They briefly explained the development goals of the Arabic major, the student development plan, and the difficulties faced at this stage.

The three professors of Peking University provided detailed answers to the problems faced by the Arabic language construction in our school, and put forward constructive opinions on the future development planning and student training goals. At the same time, it provides guiding suggestions for professional construction, subject development, curriculum setting, student training, optimization of teaching materials, teaching methods for young teachers, and teaching guidance in the primary stage.

After the symposium, the teachers of Arabic language in our college benefited a lot and further clarified the direction of professional construction. They said that they believe that with the concerted efforts of schools, college leaders, relevant departments and professional teachers, we will build a world-class Arabic language with Nankai characteristics and cultivate outstanding high-end composite Arabic talents for the country.

It is reported that in 1946, Professor Ma Jian opened an Arabic language major at Peking University and became the beginning of higher education in Arabic. Zhang Jiamin and Jing Yunying are editors of the Arabic-language textbook Basic Tutorials in Arabic. They are also famous translators and scholars in the cultural exchange between China and Arab countries. They have taught in Arabic for more than 60 years and have been building Arabic in China. Talent cultivation and professional development direction planning have made great contributions. Fu Zhiming is currently the deputy director of the National Arabic Language Steering Committee, the deputy dean of the School of Foreign Languages at Peking University, the director of the Middle East Research Center of Peking University, and the doctoral tutor of the Arabic Department of Peking University.