Liu Zheng from College of Foreign Languages Won the "Miyamoto Prize" Paper Contest Award for Excellence


The Seventh Miyamoto Prize (Japan-China Student Paper Competition) hosted by Japan's Japan-China Relations Association announced the final winners on December 14. Among them, Liu Zheng, from Japanese major at the College of Foreign Languages of our school, won the Excellence Award for the 30,000 yen in the paper “Comparative Study on Mobile Payment between China and Japan” and was invited to Japan for exchange. The Japanese side bears all expenses.

The Miyamoto Prize paper contest was launched in 2012 to explore and train young people who closely follow the relationship between China and Japan and even East Asian countries and promote their good international relations. The theme of the competition covers China-Japan politics, economy, culture, etc., and covers a wide range. In the 7th competition, 35 “undergraduate students” and “postgraduate group” were submitted. After a rigorous review by the jury, 2 undergraduate group awards, 4 special prizes, 3 postgraduate awards and 3 special prizes were selected.

With the title of “Comparative Study on Mobile Payments between China and Japan”, Liu Zheng starts with the details of life and finds the first research in this field by looking up the data, and gradually clears the writing ideas. The current state of research in this field has also given him more room to play. Yu Jun, a Japanese teacher, helped Liu Wei to clear his thoughts, revise his thesis, and learn more about the progress of the thesis. He gave all the guidance and help to Liu Wei, the first author of the paper.

It is reported that the College of Foreign Languages has been actively encouraging students to participate in various types of competitions and to equip students with professional teachers for pre-match counseling, in order to train students' language professional skills and expression skills through competitions to achieve the goal of “study to promote learning”. In recent years, students have achieved great results in a number of professional competitions.