The College of Foreign Languages "Flourish World, Dream Life" Drama Festival was Successfully Held


On December 16th, 2018, the annual Nankai University College of Foreign Languages Drama Festival kicked off at the Hall at the College of Foreign Languages. The theme of the festival was “Flourish World, Dream Life”, which attracted many students to watch. Xiang Yu, Secretary of the Youth League College of Foreign Languages, counselor Wang Yuan, Zhou Wenzhao, 2018 Italian class tutor Shidou, Cui Weiwei and 2018 Portuguese class tutor Chen Chen attended the event and served as judges.

After more than a month of careful preparation, the different departments of the College of Foreign Languages ignited this cold winter with the enthusiasm of drama. A good show came out one after another, and all were wonderful. The Naikai people from generation to generation, the hearts of patriotism are endless from Portuguese and Spanish Youth League is intended to interpret the national conditions of the Nankai students; the New Snow White of the German Youth League is combined with the German majors to stage a light comedy; the Italian branch A Midsummer Night's Dream is a romantic love story written by Shakespeare; the Sherlock Holmes of the English branch and the Dedication of the suspect X of the Japanese branch led the audience to explore the truth in suspense, cracking the puzzles and leaving the humanity torture; the pure French performance of the last class of the French branch is to make the audience feel immersive; the Fair Lady of the translation branch tells the encounter and transformation in the Nankai Garden, which has caused widespread resonance among teachers and students; the sisters of the Russian branch of the Communist Youth League have exposed the ugliness and embarrassment under the cover of decent concealment and are thought-provoking.

As the judge, Shi Dou and Wang Yuan commented on the festival. The two teachers fully affirmed the hard work and high-quality presentation of all the cast members, and sent a message to the students to continue to carry forward the outstanding drama tradition of Nankai and deepen their interpretation of professional study through drama

In the end, the Japanese Department’s Desire X's Dedication which relied on the high degree of restoration of the original work, and impresses judges and audiences by lively characters and full emotional performances, won the title of this drama festival.

It is reported that the drama festival as a classic brand activity of the College of Foreign Languages, with the freshmen branch as the main body of participation, adhere to the combination of study and drama and realize the first and second classroom linkage, not only let the students interpret the language and culture in a new way and with different experiences and further enhance the interest in professional learning, and effectively promote the construction of the team, which is an important activity for the organization of the foreign academy.