The Teacher representatives of the English Department of Our University Paid a Visit the US universities


In order to further promote the international exchange of the English discipline in the College of Foreign Languages, Hao Yunzhi, the head of the English Department and Wang Dongyan, the Secretary of the Party Branch of the Teachers formed a delegation to the United States and visited and communicated with Grand Canyon State University (GVSU) and Ashland University.

Our exchange group discussed with the two universities about the exchange programs for undergraduate and graduate to find the best solutions for some specific problems that students may face. Meanwhile, they examined the teaching environment and human environment of the two universities and to explore the possibility and implementation plans of teacher exchange and cooperation between the two universities.

The visit was well prepared in advance. During the visit, the specific problems in the process of promoting cooperation between the two universities were further discussed. The conditions of the two universities were investigated in depth, including the nature of the universities and their ranks among American universities, hardware facilities, teacher levels, their histories, and the overall environment. The form of communication was direct, the content was rich, and the amount of information was large. It laid a good foundation for the smooth progress of the exchange programs for undergraduate and postgraduate of the English majors of the two universities in the future.

It is reported that this visit is supported by 2018 Foreign Exchange Project of Nankai Universuty for Undergraduate Teaching of the University's Academic Affairs Office, and the project results will also provide an important reference for the internationalization of Nankai University. At the same time, the project will provide students with a more diversified international exchange chances, further enhancing the international influence and talent competitiveness of our university.