Ted Talks-Based College English Audio-Visual Course Teaching Design and Practice Training Class Was Held


From October 12th to 14th, the TED TALKS-based College English Listening and Speaking Course Teaching Design and Practice Training Class was held in Tianjin by the Higher Education Press and the Public English Department of the College of Foreign Languages of Nankai University.

Li Chuanyong, Director of the Academic Affairs Office of Nankai University, and Zhang Hong, Deputy Director of the Foreign Language Publishing Department of the Higher Education Press, attended the seminar and delivered a speech. Ms. Carmella Lieske, a special guest of National Geographic Learning, highlighted how to use TED TALKS to develop students' 4C skills (creativity, critical thinking, culture, communication). Li Xia, director of the Department of Public English Teaching at the College of Foreign Languages, Nankai University, started with the five questions of effective teaching in higher education, and analyzed the basic principles of reverse teaching design, mixed teaching and effective classroom teaching design, and officially released the O-AMAS four-step teaching method pioneered by the core team of the Public English Teaching Department of the University's Effective Teaching Workshop, where “O” stands for “Objectives”, “A” stands for “Activation”, “M” stands for “Multi-learning”, and “A” stands for “Assessment”, “ S” stands for “Summary”. Teacher Tang Lei from the Department of Public English of the College of Foreign Languages, Nankai University introduced the specific application of the O-AMAS model in teaching.

The seminar participants came from dozens of universities across the country such as Hunan University, Jilin University and Guangzhou University. Under the leadership of teachers such as Li Xia, Tang Lei, Shi Yu and He Wei of the Department of Public English, they conducted a group study on the effective design of O-AMAS based on TED TALKS in the form of effective teaching workshops. The four lecturers focused on “effective activation”, “multiple learning”, “effective evaluation” and “brief summary”, and through various interactive teaching methods such as “my starting point”, “feedback sandwich”, “cooperative learning” and “puzzle reading”. Inspired by the O-AMAS pedagogy, the students designed classroom activities such as “sound tube” and discussed the operability of these activities. On the morning of the 14th, the group of students teamed up to produce beautiful O-AMAS course design posters. Finally, the lecturer and the students gathered together and under the guidance of Li Xia, a multi-learning and peer evaluation activity called “Gallery Walking” was carried out to evaluate the best O-AMAS course design plan. The lecturer presented the reward for the winning team.

The one-and-a-half-day training program has benefited the participants of the workshop. They all said that in the future teaching, they will strive to apply what they have learned and improve the effectiveness of teaching.

The effective teaching workshop of Nankai University is led by the Teacher Development Center of Nankai University and Li Xi, who is from the public English teaching department of College School of Foreign Languages, is the leader of the overall curriculum design of the workshop. At present, the team members consist of 12 first-line teachers from 8 colleges in Nankai University who are passionate about teaching, focusing on the development and training of effective teaching models for higher education. The workshop has carried out more than ten effective teaching and training sessions at Nankai University and other domestic universities, which has been widely recognized and praised. The teachers who participated in the training said that they hoped that the effective teaching workshop (NKET) of Nankai University can provide further guidance and help for teachers.