The College of Foreign Languages successfully completed the 2018 Annual undergraduate Teaching Exchange Program


In order to speed up the internationalization of undergraduate education and teaching in our university, to build a world-class undergraduate education and to further standardize the management of overseas teaching exchanges and cooperation, the Academic Affairs Office launched the 2018 annual undergraduate teaching exchange program of Nankai University based on the actual situation of the university. The personnel were assigned to go to overseas universities or educational institutions to carry out exchanges, research and visits related to undergraduate teaching so that they could actively participate in teaching discussions, and learn advanced teaching experience and management mode.

According to the characteristics and the actual situation of the College of Foreign Languages, Li Dongyuan, director of the Teaching and Research Office, was sent to visit Tohoku University in Sendai-shi of Japan from July 11 to July 15, 2018. There were two purposes during the visit. The first was to investigate the teaching management system of the College of Liberal Arts and the Institute of International Culture of Tohoku University and held talks with relevant personnel of the university. The second was to examine the implementation of summer study research of the “Universal + Non-Universal” project in the university.

The college attached great importance to the visit, actively making the preliminary preparations and research outline, because it was the first time that the management personnel of undergraduate teaching were sent to conduct project research in 2018. And the college fully communicated and negotiated with the Japanese side in advance. The project was smooth despite of its short time. The visit and communication achieved good results with effectiveness and efficiency, and it would promote the study and the work of the personnel who were assigned to the project.