The College of Foreign Languages launched the "Witness Successful Achievements in the Reform and Opening-up - A Hundred Alumni Lectures for One Hundred Year Nankai" Theme Event Yan Cui Alumni Delivered First Report


To commemorate the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, pre-heating the 100th anniversary of Nankai University, on October 16th, the theme of  Witness Successful Achievements in the Reform and Opening-up - A Hundred Alumni Lectures for One Hundred Year Nankai  was launched at the College of Foreign Languages 111 lecture hall. The College of Foreign Languagesinvited the senior alumni of the College of Finance and the current president of the JP Morgan Bank President Tianjin Branch to give the first lecture. Zou Yujie, secretary of the party committee of the College of Foreign Languages, Li Na, deputy secretary of the party committee, and Liu Weishuang, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee, presided over the lecture.

Yan Cui gave detailed analysis of the relevant developments of foreign banks in China, bringing a unique academic lecture to teachers and students of the college. The content of the lecture is divided into three parts. The first part is the development history of foreign banks in China. It analyzes the different developments of foreign banks before and after the reform and opening up. With the deepening of reform and opening up, foreign banks gradually develop from coastal cities to the inner land. Especially since the 21st century, foreign banks have fully entered China, and they have received national treatment in China. The relationship between foreign-funded enterprises and the Chinese economy is getting closer. In the second part of the lecture, Yan Cui pointed out the problems and challenges are faced by foreign banks. He believes that although foreign banks play an increasingly important role in China's economic development, we should see many incompatible problems for foreign banks in China. Foreign banks have always existed as complementary roles of Chinese banks, and have not achieved the expected effect of stimulating China's economic growth. The business advantage of foreign-funded enterprises lies mainly in the overseas development of Chinese-funded enterprises, which brings domestic banking supervision much work. The third part is the development prospects of foreign banks in China. He believes that with the further deepening of the banking reform, the business of foreign banks in China will be further expanded, and they can complement and prosper together with the Chinese banks in the financial industry. At the same time, he also affirmed the important role of foreign language talents in the country's economic development and financial field. He hoped that students from other colleges could continuously improve their foreign language professional level, enhance their own strength, promote all-round development, and contribute their own strength to national development.

After the speech, Qi Quan answered the questions of the students on the spot and the responses were overwhelming. At the end of the activity, the custom commemorative medal of Witness Successful Achievements in the Reform and Opening-up - A Hundred Alumni Lectures for One Hundred Year Nankai  theme event was debuted by Yan Cui and teachers and students of the college.

Finally, the students on the spot said that the lecture brought them different knowledge and experience from the usual coursework, strengthened their understanding of financial knowledge, broadened their horizons, and encouraged them to study professional knowledge and practice the spirit of dedicating to public interest.