Professor Liu Yuzhen from the Japanese Department Takes Over as the President of the 15th “International Conference on East Asian Comparative Culture”


On September 29-30, 2018, the 14th International Conference on East Asian Comparative Culture was held in Nishogakusha University. More than 100 experts and scholars from China, Japan and South Korea attended the conference. President of the Chinese branch, Professor Wang Baoping from Zhejiang Commercial and Industrial University, President of the Japanese branch, Professor Yosuke Kojima of Meisei University, Professor of the Korean branch, Professor Li Yuxu of the Central University delivered speeches and keynote speeches respectively. Honorary President and Japanese Cultural Medal Winner, Professor Zhong Xijin gave a special speech entitled The Sadness and Beauty of Shi Kong.

Professor Zhao Ji from College of Literature, Professor Sun Weiguo from College of History, Professor Liu Yuzhen from the College of Foreign Languages, and Chen Yu, a Ph.D. student from College of Foreign Language, attended the meeting and delivered speeches entitled “Briefly Talked about Content and Examples of The Collection of Japanese Chinese Poetry”. the Historic Writing of Battle of Wanli Korea from Gu Yingtai's History of the Ming Dynasty Chronicles , Ming Zhi Period Japan in Zhang Sigui's  Collection of Sceneries in Japan, and Discuss Study Report in the Qian Zhai South Tour Collection by Ce Yan Zhou Liang .

The vice president of the Chinese Japanese Teaching Research Association, Professor Liu Yuzhen of Japanese Department took over as the president of the Chinese branch and served as the president of the conference.

The International Conference on East Asian Comparative Culture was founded in 1996 by the famous Japanese comparative culture writer and former President of Osaka Women's University, Professor Zhong Xijin. It aims to deepen the interdisciplinary study of comparative culture in East Asia. China, Japan and Korea each have branches. The conference was held every two years in turn in China, Japan and South Korea, and the president of the branch of the host country served as the president.