College of Foreign Languages Welcomed New Comers in Internet in Advance, Opening a Colorful Welcome Season


The day for freshmen's coming to school is approaching, and the colleges' welcoming activities are also in full swing. The College of Foreign Languages in Nankai University uses the WeChat public account to open the Nankai Gate for the new students in advance, enter the history of Nankai, feel the professional atmosphere, and deepen the history education. They divide the contents as the quality education, the academic atmosphere, the national defense, national education, and the role of peers, representing by Party flag red, Nankai purple, foreign languages orange, national defense green, and multi-color. More than ten articles have been published. And they all received good publicity effect, and give full play to the network culture education function.

Party flag red series

As is known to all, Nankai University is an institution of higher learning with a profound historical heritage, a patriotic spirit and always stands with the party and the country. Every Nankai people should strengthen the patriotic spirit and love for group, learn the school history of serving society, understand the development process of Nankai, and appreciate the profound connotation and significance of the Nankai spirit. Therefore, the College of Foreign Languages published the theme of the history of the school in the Ninety-nine Nankai, Twenty-One College of Foreign Languages  on the WeChat platform of thecollege. At the same time, the Chinese and English bilingual e-books compiled by the School History Research Office in December 2014 and completed by the Graduate College of Foreign Languages in August 2018, will also be registered in the Nankai University Freshman Service Network, School history network for reading.

Nankai Purple series

Nankai University's quality education concept of dedication to public interests, school motto aspiration for progress with each passing day, winter and summer social practice and various funding policies are all internal extensions and external manifestations of Nankai temperament. In particular, the promotion of various fund-raising policies for new students in articles, will played an important role in help students know the diversified funding system for students with financial difficulties, such as national student loans, “green channel” for new students, hard work, and hardship subsidies.

Foreign Language Orange series

The College of Foreign Languages in Nankai University is in its twenties in the early 2017, and the talents training objectives established by the college after the exploration, which are foreign language expertise, humanistic quality, international vision, Chinese sentiment, and Nankai characteristics are also becoming clearer in the development of the college. It also plays a big role in promoting new self-identity and pride. In 2018, it is the first year for college to enroll general-class students. The new students have a lot of questions about the specific situation of the general enrollment and general + non-general project classes, as well as the detailed learning content, communication opportunities and employment situation of each language. In order to answer the doubts of the new students, the public platform of college published a series of major introductions and new comers major diversions, and the official answers to the “general + non-universal” selection policy, so that “new comers” won’t be puzzled.

National Defense Green series

Without a solid national defense, there will be no peace of the people. 2018 is the first anniversary of General Secretary Xi’s replied to Nankai’s enrolled students. Nankai people have always kept in mind the general secretary’s entrustment, encouraging the enthusiastic men to be devoted to the country. In addition to the off-line military education during the military training, the college of foreign languages also uses the network to publicize national defense education, and encourage young students to be determined to join the army. At the same time, the public platform of the college will also publish an article to display the articles about military training to provide a platform for the participants to fully express their opinions.

Multi-Colors series

The long-awaited university life of the new students is about to begin. Understanding the colorful life of Nankai University and Tianjin is also one of the compulsory courses for freshmen before starting school. The collection of the photos, the city of riddles strategies, the must-do for new students, online reports and other articles about the clothing, food, housing and other aspects to answer the freshmen doubts about university life are published.

According to the statistics of the public platform of the college, from August 9th to now, more than 20 articles about the series have been published, with a total reading number of more than 14,000. The articles have also received positive feedback from new students on the public platform. Freshman Wan Xinyuan said, I read the deeds of President Zhang Bolin and the 'strengthen the Nankai spirit' in the school song. It is really exciting, and I really want to make myself truly obey dedication to public interests, aspiration for progress with each passing day allow the fair, change with each passing day and not fails the title of the new! Shi Xinjiao said: having read the introduction of various majors in articles, I have the urge to take up my schoolbags and go to school immediately. The most unforgettable, still awe-inspiring is Nankai school History and the touching self-help story. Having confirmed eyes, I met the right university and I am really happy to be a student in Nankai.