The College of Foreign Languages held a "Farewell to the Leftover" Simulation Job Fair



On July 7th, the 6th season of the Career Running Man Job Search Coaching Series ended with a large-scale simulation job fair, “Farewell to the Leftover”, which attracted nearly 100 graduates of the 2019 Year.

According to the employment situation of students in previous years and the intentions of graduates of 2019 Year, the simulated recruitment fair will be held in three sub-categories, namely teachers and civil servants in seven sub-fairs enterprises. College has cooperated with well-known companies such as Tianjin New Oriental School Headquarters, Byte Beat Technology Co., Ltd. (Today headlines) Tianjin Branch, Volkswagen Automatic Transmission (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Gaolier (Tianjin) Packaging Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhonggong Education Tianjin Branch, Tianjin Minghengxing Technology Co., Ltd Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and invited 7 enterprise human resource managers and 6 school instructors to serve as examiners for each interview session.

Job seekers enter the relevant sub-fairs according to the pre-filled job-seeking intentions to conduct targeted simulation exercises, real experience trials, no leadership group discussions, (semi) structured interviews and other recruitment links. In order to strengthen the effectiveness of the drill, after each sub-meeting simulation interview, the examiner conducted on-site feedback comments, allowing the students to face the questions and learn something.

After receiving the group interview winners, Guo Hui, a 2019 Year graduate student, said: "I am very grateful for the opportunity to have such a mock interview. I would especially like to thank my local civil service team’s teacher for the Zhonggong interview with me. For example, the thought for the interview questions, as well as what aspects should be improved in the future preparations, and I should pay attention to the details. Through the interview, I have a clearer understanding of myself. After communicating with other students, everyone feels that they gained a lot from the simulation job fair has gained a lot."

Taking this simulation job fair as an opportunity, the college will further expand school-enterprise cooperation and promote the “Lighthouse Project”. Li Na, deputy secretary of the party committee and vice dean of the college, appointed 6 HRs as “Nankai University Student Career Tutors” on behalf of the college. So far, the college has signed a total of 14 cooperation bases, and has hired 62 outside school tutors.

According to reports, the Career Running Man Job Search Coaching Series has been successfully held for six seasons. With its characteristics of specificity and effectiveness, it has been deeply concerned by graduates of the college and is continuously improved according to the needs of students. The series of activities has accumulated more than 100 salon exchanges, 6 simulated recruitments, and 5 foreign language double-choice sessions to help graduates of the college successfully graduate.