The College of Foreign Languages Went to Shanghai to Improve Its Influence of the New Media



With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the campus media has rapidly developed from the traditional paper media era to the new media era. WeChat and Weibo have become the forefronts where universities enhance morality and foster talents. It is of vital importance to firmly occupy the highland of ideological propaganda, promote the construction of university culture, and grasp the laws of the development of new media in colleges and universities.

As a pilot for the new media construction of the “On-line Communist Youth League” of the Youth League Committee of Nankai University, the College of Foreign Languages attaches great importance to the construction of the public platform - “the College of Foreign Languages of NK”(abbreviated as CFL of NK), which is a carrier of the college‘s propaganda work. In order to broaden the thinking to achieve "ideal innovation, technological innovation, and formal innovation", and build "CFL of NK "into a "thinking, branded and influential" university WeChat public platform, Li Na, Deputy Secretary of the party committee and Associate Dean of the college, led the new media team to the Paper of Shanghai, CBN, Headquarters of v in Shanghai, Shanghai, Cross Communication Group of Shanghai and Shanghai Xinchao Media Group to conduct research.

"The media has never made us feel such a sense of responsibility"

The Paper, as the first result announced after the reform of Shanghai United Media Group, focuses on current political news and thought analysis. The two characters of "Pengpai" printed on the wall in the office area make the teachers and students excited who see them for the first time. Looking at the following slogan "Focus on politics and thought" which shows the purpose and the pursuit of the new media people, they felt more awe-inspiring. Wang Peng, executive director of the company, introduced the development history of the Paper, corporate culture and the transition process from traditional media to new media. He also shared experiences on the diversity of news topics, column innovation and style establishment, particular emphasis on "to be a media with conscience". He said that we should maintain the initial intention of being a media person, keep the bottom line, and uphold the authenticity and originality of the news.

In the exchanges with teachers from the Paper, the teachers and students of CFL deeply realized the responsibility being a journalist. They always work on the front line to try their best to dedicate the freshest news to the masses in the most authentic and reliable form. They also help the teachers and students of CFL to break through the "reading only" theory, making them pay more attention to the new thoughts, content, and writing quality. Wang Ai, the teacher in charge of the new media of CFL, said with emotion: "The kind of feeling of media people makes us feel indispensable for the first time. Whether a political hot spot or a school policy , we want pass them to everyone as quickly and accurately as possible. The media has never made us feel such a sense of responsibility.

"Spread warm and personalized content"

CBN is China's most influential and most complete financial media group. When you first enter the office area, the slogan on the display board of “New Digital Financial Media and Information Service Group with the Most Credibility and Global Influence in China” is more shocking in addition to the broadcast room and TV live broadcast center equipped with professional equipment. Evenn though its traditional media has a strong advantage, the company has also conducted in-depth exploration in the development of new media, and carried out a “stock transformation”. Zhang Zhiqing, the chief operating officer of the new media, answered the questions about the “how to break through the bottlenecks faced with the tradition inertia” proposed by the teachers and students. He said that in the process of developing and expanding new media, we should have a “sublation” spirit, and have a clear understanding of audience, theme and image positioning so that we were able to find the core competitiveness of our own media.

When asked how WeChat public platform of colleges and universities should develop, he proposed to pay attention to the personalized spread so that readers or users feel the temperature. This also inspired the teachers and students of CFL to think about what the personality portrait of " CFL of NK " should be and how to find and play its unique advantages.

Coincidentally,whether it is a coffee shop that changes the theme according to current events, or a romantic water curtain wall, or a different style of floor decoration, theworking environment with unique design and the corporate atmosphere with a humanistic feeling both reflect that CCG Group attaches great importance to the company's positioning and working ideas. Zhao Lei, a student from the English Department and in charge of the News Center of CFL, said: "CCG's precise positioning of users and products has greatly inspired the new media CFL. We urgently need to accurately target the audiences as soon as possible and continue to innovate the content according to user needs so that we can write more articles in accordance with the propaganda of colleges and universities and make ideological propaganda more effectively ."

"Keeping the enthusiasm of the media and being keenly aware of the news"

Merlin (Merlin Group) is a well-known high-end family entertainment attraction operating company in the UK, second only to Disney, with a number of entertainment facilities including Legoland, Madame Tussauds and London Eye. In the process of introducing the company's propaganda work and design and production, Lin Jie exemplified their advanced ideals and professional skills; they explained the design of the project in an immersive experience and listened to the story in a short time. People were brought into the environment of the story and quickly resonate to it; this way of immersive experience opens up the idea of improving the influence of propaganda work for teachers and students, and makes everyone feel the importance of professionalism in doing anything.

The style of Shanghai Xinchao Media Group is more casual and lively. The company's humanized style positioning also makes the company team highly cohesive. This also inspires everyone. Building a cohesive team must not only build the team members, but also have the ability to be strong, and have a sense of responsibility. They must be able to see the team members’ respective areas of excellence. The most important thing is to actively update and acquire new knowledge, so that we can drive the team to actively learn and keep moving forward. Zhang Jianing, the student from translation department and member of the publicity department of Chinese Communist Youth League committee in the College of Foreign Languages, said: "The company atmosphere was full of rich humanistic care and the working status of each working group are all manifestations of the media people's love and unique pursuit of the cause; which also let us try to adopt "family style" management model, extends the partnership from work to life, and better embodies the team's cooperation spirit and ability to withstand stress."

The two-day training allowed the teachers and students of the College of Foreign Languages to see that the new media play a huge role in any field today. In-depth communication with various media companies not only help them learn the knowledge and technology, but also broaden the propaganda ideas. It also built the “Talent Training Cooperation Base” of Nankai University and the “New Media Training Base” of Nankai University College of Foreign Languages. They also let the above-mentioned media company to hire the "New Media Student Development Studio Tutor" to establish long-term contacts for the new media training in the foreign hospital, and facilitate daily communication and long-term cooperation.

Li Na, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice dean of the College of Foreign Languages, concluded that “NK College of Foreign Languages ' as the external publicity “image ambassador” of the university not only bears the function of information transmission, but also bears the role of network education. In recent years, in the work of “NK College of Foreign Languages”, we generally feel the need for new media knowledge, the need to update based on application experience, and the need for skills training that combines the concept of educating people with the ideological characteristics of college students in the context of network education. This visit has not only improved the media people's ideological height, propaganda awareness and original ability but also has enhanced mutual understanding between schools and enterprises, and have also played a positive role in promoting the deep cooperation between schools and enterprises."

It is reported that the College of Foreign Languages has set up a new media training camp. The school year is divided into two stages: theoretical training camp and practical training camp. It aims to enhance the ideological height, propaganda awareness and original ability of new media people of the college. The college has strived to be more professional, keeping the original heart. The teachers and students of the college are also about to lead the new media team to the universities and media companies in Beijing for study and exchange.