Representatives of College of Foreign Languages Went to Intellectual Property Publishing House to Conduct Observation and Research


On July 17, Prof. Ma Hongqi, Associate Dean of the College of Foreign Languages, Yan Haiyan, a teacher of the English Department, and Xu Jing, Director of the MTI Education Center, were invited to the Intellectual Property Publishing House Co., Ltd. for on-the-spot observation and research. Shi Xueling, Director of the China Translation Association's Jinyi Branch, Li Xinzhi, Director of the Review and Coordination Department of the State Intellectual Property Office, and Hu Xinhua, Director of the Translation Department of the Intellectual Property Publishing House attended the meeting, accompanied by Wang Peng, Business Manager of the Intellectual Property Publishing House. The two sides held discussions and consultations on specific issues such as teacher training, the opening of professional curriculum and construction of practical teaching bases.

Mr. Hu introduced the development of the publishing house, the organizational structure of the publishing house, the composition of the company's staff, the office base, the practice base and etc., and emphasized that the market for the patent translation and intellectual property translation is broad, and talents are in urgent need. Mr. Wangintroduced the cooperation between the publishing house and other universities, and shared the experience of co-constructing practice bases, curriculum setting, and “double tutor” paper guidance.

The two sides focused on the details of the construction of practice bases, and expressed their further willingness to cooperate with each other on the construction ofthe curriculum and the training of teachers. Professor Ma pointed out that both parties hoped to establish long-term cooperation, actively promoting the training of professional curriculum teachers in accordance with the requirements of the university and the postgraduate department and promptly implementing the construction of translation practice bases. He said that he hoped that the cooperation between the two sides can start with the two languages of MTI and will be expanded to be multilingual and multi-mode.