The College of Foreign Languages Went to Han Zhihuiying Village in Wuqing District to Visit and Help the Needy


On June 7th, the College of Foreign Languages went to Han Zhihuiying Village in Wuqing District to visit and assist the villagers, give special lectures on the Party policies to the villagers, extend regards to to the poor, and donated books to the Nankai Bookstore located in the village

Giving Lectures on the Party policies to Demonstrate the Rural Revitalization Strategy

Zou Yujie, the secretary of the party committee, gave a party lesson with the theme“adhere to the leadership of the party, implement the strategy of revitalizing the countryside, and fully realize a well-off society”. The administrative party members of the College of Foreign Languages and the party members of the Han Zhihuiying Village listened together. She thoroughly analyzed the the strategy of rejuvenating villages and the contents of resolutely winning the fight against poverty in the report of the 19th National Congress. Combining with Nankai Spirit and President Zhang Boling's mission of “knowing China and serving China”, she preached that Nankai University had learned and understood the thoughts of General Secretary about the poverty alleviation and development strategy, conscientiously implemented the policy and arrangement of the Party Central Committee, and regarded the fight against poverty as a major political task. Then she also introduced the implementation of comprehensively promoting targeted help of the poor and targeted poverty alleviation.

After the party class, the college’s cadres in the village explained the development plan of the “One River and Road Development Plan” of Han Zhihuiying Village and introduced its development status.

Donate Books to Advance the Concept of Educating People through Culture

Jiao Yanting, vice Dean of the College, donated more than 100 volumes of books to“Nankai Bookstore” of Han Zhihuiying Village to stimulate villagers' interest in reading paper books and enrich their cultural life.

At the donation ceremony, Jiao Yanting said that the college will continue to play its own advantages and take actions to transmit positive energy to the society, and contribute to the future development of the village, and truly let the spirit of the 19th National Congress take root.

Visit and Extend Regards to Needy Families to Help Them Get out of Poverty

The College of Foreign Languages expressed condolences to the poor households in the village, and sent rice, noodles and oil to them. Among them, Zhang Li had a strong interest in computers. The college donated 30 books about computer learning to help her get rich and become self-reliant.

Zhao Guoqiang, a Party member of the College of Foreign Languages, said that in order to realize the rural revitalization strategy formulated by the Party Central Committee, it was necessary to uphold the Party’s leadership and get support from the national policy. It also needed all party members, including us, to make continuous efforts to keep in close touch with and mobilize the masses so that we can work together to realize our goal.