Students from Nankai University Achieved Excellence in the Northern Region Competition of the National Interpreting Contest


On May 26, 2018, the Northern Region Competition of the Seventh National Interpreting Contest, hosted by Translators Association of China and undertaken by Beijing Translation Tiankai Education Consulting Co. Ltd. ended at Hebei Normal University. 109 contestants from colleges and universities in eight provinces in the northern region competed on the same stage. Seven students with outstanding performance in Tianjin from our school participated in the competition and all won awards.

The Northern Region Competition was divided into two rounds: the knockout round in the morning is the English-Chinese translation with the theme  education innovation, and the final in the afternoon is Chinese-English translation with the the difference between the Internet and traditional media. Our students successfully completed the competition with solid language skills and good psychological qualities.

Zhang Hongyin, Yang Di, Xu Jie, Yu Luxuan, Huo Mengtong, and Zhou Luyang from the College of Foreign Languages won the third prize and Bi Jiayi won the Outstanding Prize, among which Zhou Luyang,with her ranking among top 15, would be qualified for the finals of the 7th National Interpreting Contest held in Beijing in June 2018.

The College of Foreign Languages attaches great importance to the training and guidance of students' professional competitions. During this competition, the college has provided candidates with a number of translation teachers and teachers from English major to guide them comprehensively. And the teachers of the Youth League Committee, the Teaching&Research Office and the language lab have done a lot of  guarantee work.

After the competition, the contestants of our school said that they had accumulated a lot of experience in the past two months, and what was more important was that they had met more outstanding contestants as they walked out of the campus and out of Tianjin and had realized their own deficiencies in the competition and exchanges.

I am very grateful for the support and encouragement of the school leaders, the meticulous organization and careful guidance of the teachers. The training courses before the competition have us with our knowledge accumulation and interpreting skills improvement. said Huo Mengtong.

The National English Interpreting Contest, as a traditional event for colleges and universities across the country, has provided an important platform for English interpreters to learn from each other and show their talent and has played an important role in improving students’  interpreting practical ability and cross-cultural accomplishment. In the Tianjin Competition, a total of nine contestants from our university participated in the competition, of which eight won the first, second and third prize respectively, and Yang Di,with the highest score, received the title of Star of Interpreting .