The College of Foreign Languages held Administrative Cadre Training Salon


On May 30, the training salon for the administrative cadre organized by the Union of the College of Foreign Languages was held in the Liangzheng Hall . All administrative cadres attended the event.

Liu Weishuang from the Youth League Committee shared the experience of participating in the counselor's basic skills competition. She said that the counselor's work should focus on the handling of emergencies and shared with everyone a wonderful video of the competition; Feng Lei from the Foreign language Test Center  compared the feelings when he worked in the Information Construction and Management Office and  in the College of Foreign Language. He mentioned that both  of their work needed to focus on effectiveness and it needed more carefulness and consideration to hold foreign language examinations; Zhuo Jie, Party Committee Secretary, said that participating in the basic skills competition was not just the game and its main purpose was to find insufficiency in the competition and learn from each other. It was necessary to pay attention to the learning of documents and policies and help each other with colleagues in work.

Party Secretary Zou Yujie pointed out that all administrative cadres must further strengthen the management knowledge and skills learning, improve theoretical accomplishment with better working level and improve the concepts and methods of management and service to constantly adapt to the college's double class construction needs under the new situation.