The College of Foreign Languages held Teaching Skills- Employment Guidance Salon


On the afternoon of May 10, the RUNNINGMAN Employment Guidance's Teacher Skills Training Salon -the stimulative teaching for trial was successfully held at the College of Foreign Languages. This event invited Liu Jia, a teacher from the Department of Public English Teaching at Nankai University, as the speaker and commentator, which attracted postgraduates from different grades .

Liu Jia introduced how to carry out teaching in terms of needs analysis, teaching objectives, teaching methods, teaching principles, teaching methods, and teaching activities starting from theories and practice. When talking about organizing teaching activities, Ms. Liu shared some of her successful teaching experience, such as adopting various grouping methods and organizing students to read jigsaw puzzles which not only could interest students but also make them learn valuable knowledge. Afterwards, as for the questions that need paying attention in the trial teaching for interview, Ms. Liu gave suggestions from the course objectives, content design, PPT design and classroom activity setting, and demonstrated her own course design so that the students had more direct understanding.

In the following stimulative trial session, Li Dainan and Cui Kangli from CFL conducted a 15-minute college English teaching respectively. Ms.Liu gave professional and detailed guidance to everyone's highlights and deficiencies. Ms. Liu pointed out that they could start with a small point, seize the main line, and show their own ideas during a limited time. In addition, Ms. Liu also emphasized that different schools had different requirements for interviews and reminded everyone to make targeted preparations.

At the end of the event, Ms. Liu answered some of the questions that existed in English teaching and teachers' career development. According to the feedback  of the activity, most of the students believe that this activity is in line with their own needs and is very helpful for teaching skills and interviews.