The Teaching Achievements of the College of Foreign Languages won the First Prize of the 8th Tianjin Municipal Teaching Achievement Award for Higher Education


Recently, the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission announced the results of the evaluation of the 8th Tianjin Municipal Teaching Achievement Award for Higher Education. Twenty-two teaching achievements of our university won the Tianjin Municipal Teaching Achievement Award, including 11 first prizes and 11 second prizes, 7 of which were recommended to declare the national teaching achievement award.

Professor Li Xia, Associate Dean of the College of Foreign Languages and Director of the Teaching Department of the Public English Education, presided over the project Learning with Strengthen, Teaching with Specialization --- Reform and Practice of University English Curriculum with International Talent Cultivation as the Core and it won the first prize.

The award-winning results cover many aspects such as transforming the personnel training model, optimizing teaching management methods, advancing curriculum reform and teaching materials construction, strengthening the teaching team construction, and exploring new teaching methods. It is a creative achievement that our school educators have obtained through years of hard work and it fully reflects the major progress and achievements made by our school in the field of teaching in recent years.

It is reported that carrying out the rewards for teaching achievements in higher education is an important measure to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress, promote the connotative development of higher education, build a strong nation with human resources, further strengthen teaching, deepen teaching reform, improve the quality of education, and provide satisfactory education for the people. An important measure. The Tianjin Municipal Teaching Achievement Award for higher education is selected once every four years. This time 200 municipal teaching achievement awards have been selected, including 80 first prizes and 120 second prizes.