"May Fourth Youth Day" - Young Teachers' Salon Activity was Held in College of Foreign Languages


“Teaching is the most glorious career under the sun. With professional pride and sincere heart, tracking the frontiers of disciplines, studying the new technology, using advanced teaching, absorb fresh teaching inspiration, I contact and understand the new generation of students to understand their thoughts, feelings, and needs, and study together with them, have progress together.” Zheng Lin, a young Japanese major teacher, said after attending the event.

On May 3, the May Fourth Youth Day - Young Teachers' Salon Activities organized by the Union of Foreign Languages School—Young Teachers' Salon was held in the Ji Ye Hall of College of Foreign Languages. English major teacher Wang Dongyan and Japanese major teacher Wang Xiufang who had won the first prize of the Tianjin Teaching Basic Skills Contest, typical cases in teaching, introduced experiences from different professions and research directions, shared teaching experiences and feelings. The talking showed the creativity of young teachers’ creativity, was full of passion and vitality.

Professor Ma Hongqi, the deputy dean, introduced the experience of scientific research. He encouraged young teachers to focus on daily accumulation and time management, based on the teaching, and seek inspiration in scientific research in the classroom, raise the theoretical level, pay attention to interdisciplinary research, pay attention to social and political hotspots, and pay attention to the relevant policies of academics and society. Deputy Dean Jiao Yanting reminded young teachers to make clear their personal plans, understand the promotion of titles, and promote the development of teaching and research together. Wang Kai, president of the Teachers Representative Union, proposed that young teachers should make full use of the school’s rich resources to actively participate in various academic exchange activities and be keen to explore new growth points for the discipline.

At the meeting, young teachers interacted with each other enthusiastically, shared the experience and confusion in the classroom, and conducted in-depth discussions on issues such as paper publication and project application.

Yang Lin, an Italian major teacher, mentioned that by participating in the Young Teachers' Salon, I would pay more attention to the interactive sessions in the classroom during teaching, and clearly plan and implement the content of scientific research work every month, every week, and every day.

Liu Ziyi, a Spanish major teacher from Taiwan Province, said that young people are the pillars of the country. The “Youth Teachers’ Salon” held by the college can quickly grasp the essence of teaching and avoid the wrong method and repeating the mistakes for those of us who do not have much teaching experience.

Zhang Chen, a young English major teacher, said that the young teachers' salon activity allowed me to examine my teaching and research work from a new perspective. The experience of our predecessors showed me the direction of future efforts. I will strive to do a good job of teaching and scientific research, and carefully prepare this year's Basic Skills Contest competition to strive for continuous improvement!

Shi Dou, a young Italian major teacher, proposed that teaching, this important matter must not be ignored. As a young teacher at Nankai University, he should also demand high standards, put students first, be responsible to students, and be responsible for himself; strengthen self-learning, update the knowledge structure; strive to improve the level of scientific research, truly integrated teaching and research, and constantly improve the teaching level; strengthen exchanges between teachers, learn from each other, truly achieve public and innovation.

Gu Jiawei, a young Spanish major teacher, said that during the “May Fourth Youth Day” activities, young colleagues actively asked questions and the older teachers answered patiently and bridged the gaps between them. This time we experienced the love of the union, of the leaders of the institute, and the teachers of the older generation. We spent a meaningful youth festival.

Prof. Yan Guodong Guo, dean of college, told young teachers as summarizing, Nankai University is a research-orientation university. Teaching and scientific research work must complement each other. Efforts should be made to improve the quality of everyday teaching. At the same time, scientific research should be stabilized. Do not follow the trend and keep calm. It is necessary to consider the research path for the next 10 years, focus on the long-term planning of scientific research, and persist in doing research on certain research areas and issues. He encouraged young teachers to work hard to achieve great results in teaching and research, and to achieve the connotative development of foreign language subjects.

Zou Yujie, party secretary of the College, pointed out that young teachers should hold high the great banner of Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, firmly establish “four consciousnesses” and firm “four confidences”. In accordance with the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping, they should not only pursue Chinese dreams but also achieve Chinese dreams, never forget the beginning heart, keep in mind the mission, and work hard for success. We should work in a state of mind that do not waste the time, and make the best use of any second so as to contribute youthful wisdom and youth power to create a “two-first-class” college.