The team That a Student of the College of Foreign Languages belongs to won the first prize in MCM


On April 21st, the results of the 2018 American College Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) were released. The team which Wang Yutong-a student of the College of Foreign Languages at the University-belonged to was named Meritorious Winner.

MCM,sponsored by the the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Application(COMAP), is the only international mathematical modeling contest and is also the most influential mathematical modeling contest in the world. The content of the competition covers many fields such as economy, management, environment, ecology, and resources. The competition requires every trio complete the entire work from the establishment of model, solution, verification to thesis writing on the specified issues within four days.

In 2018, MCM was held at 17 o'clock on the US time from February 8th to 20 o'clock on the February 12th. Wang Yutong, a student of our college, Chen Fenghuan, a student of the School of Economics, and Li Zonglin, a student of the School of Finance formed a team and completed the competition in the main building of the Balitai Campus. Chen Fenghuan and Li Zonglin, who possess certain modeling knowledge, are responsible for modeling and drafting the thesis, andWang Yutong, whose major is translation , is responsible for translating it into English and composing it.

In the end, this team received the M award (first prize, 9%). With the exception of the O prize (prize, 1%) and the F prize (nomination of the grand prize, 1% ), the M prize is a good result.

When referring to this competition,Wang Yutong was very impressed: MCM is never a easy job - 5 hours of sleep per day, 4 days of take-out food, and the all-night work of the last night. After the final exam of the last semester we started preparing for MCM. We held Wechat voice conference twice a week, each person talking about the learning of these days. But I think the cooperation between teammates is the most important.We have a clearer division of labor to ensure that everyone has their own task and to maximize the efficiency. And our team is very harmonious. We exchanges ideas with each other and we can understand each other and help each other.Regarding the harvest of the competition, Wang Yutong said: “MCM is really able to improve our self-learning ability. Under the pressure of only four-day time, we often can tap the potential that we never thought of. For example, I never thought that I ccould quickly get started with LaTeX, a professional typesetting tool, translate 20 pages of highly professional papers in a day's time and I would spend several hours translating into a decent English abstract... My teammates , who are also my seniors and sisters are really very good and I am very impressed by their kind of persistence and enthusiasm.This contest  has enhanced my self-confidence, and encouraged me to try different things and deal with various challenges. Who says that students of liberal arts can't participate in the math competition? In the future, I will probably come into contact with things that I once felt unreachable and will experience a variety of life.