The 26th Foreign Language Festival Park Tour of Nankai University Was held


In order to create a positive, healthy and civilized campus culture atmosphere and enrich cultural life on campus, and display multi-lingual Zharm and colorful world cultural, on March 31, the 26th Foreign Language Festival Park Tour of Nankai University was held at Dazhong Road, Balitai Campus. Nearly 10,000 people participated in various cultural activities.

The Foreign Language Park Tour themed on “know each other in same language, have fun together” was featured as a special event in the 26th Foreign Language Festival. It was organized in the form of a “Party Tour” and combined with multi-national culture, with the form “Fun Science Display + Colorful Cultural Experience”, presenting us a unique multi-cultural exposition. The Park Tour initiated 42 exhibition booth activities from three perspectives: academic communication, academic culture and academic atmosphere. Participants can “tour” in China, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Italy and other countries, learn international cultural knowledge, participate in cultural knowledge competitions, language teaching, and obtain special “foreign languages coin”. The foreign languages coin can be used appreciate delicious foreign food and experience national Zharacteristics.

The scene had attracted the participation of teachers and students at home and abroad, other universities, and community members. The colorful, full of interesting language and cultural activities provide teachers and students of Nankai University with a high-level, high-quality platform for language learning and cultural experience.

It is reported that this Foreign Language Park Tour is sponsored by the Student Work Department of the Party Committee of Nankai University, the Postgraduate Work Department of the Party Committee, and the Youth League Committee, and is organized by the College of Foreign Languages of Nankai University. The theme is “Learning Chinese and Western, presenting colorful translations”. Focusing on the key word “academic communication, academic culture and academic atmosphere  as the three core sections, through tens of rich and varied activities such as the UK parliamentary debate competition Beijing-Tianjin Invitational Competition, Liangyu Translation Competition, National Interpreters Competition campus selection contest, the language and culture was presented in a new way. Students' professional and practical abilities were trained and their cultural self-confidence and cultural awareness were strengthened, their international perspectives were expand. This was a high-impact, high-quality and highly reputable Nankai academic activity in an all-round way.