The College of Foreign Languages Initiated The Theme Activity of "Remembering The Trust, Not Forgetting The Mission, And Being A New Citizen of The Century with Virtue And Ability"


On April 4th, the College of Foreign Languages’s “Remembering The Trust, Not Forgetting The Mission, And Being A New Citizen of The Century with Virtue And Ability”, the 2018 Class Style Display Contest was successfully completed in the small auditorium in college’s teaching building. Fifteen classes of 2017 all attended by the class as a unit, and show the style of the class through various forms such as musicals, dramas and foreign songs.

The competition is divided into online display and live display in two parts. The “NK College of Foreign Language” WeZhat platform presented the class emblem, class uniform, class slogan, and class introduction designed by each class with the theme “Don't forget the beginning of the heart, the keep moving on with all strength| the class Youth League branch display” for twice. The slogans such as “Inside and Outside Cultivation, Communicating with the World”, “unique in College of Foreign Languages and being outstanding”, “Ser o ser do saber”, “L'onde d'espoir, ardeur de la vie” reflect different languages’ academic Zharacteristics and cultural Zharacteristics. The class emblem of the French class consists of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine. The class emblem of the translation class one consists of T and 1, T stands for translation and one means the number of class also symbolizes the belief that the class will win the first place. The class of overall emblem resembles an eyes which symbolizes an international vision, also resembles a sailboat, implying that the class will set sail; Portuguese class emblem consists of shields, wings, and crowns to form a sailing vessel that symbolizes the glory of Portugal in the era of great navigation and symbolizes Portuguese Classes will ride the wind and waves.

After the online show, each class was voted on the WeZhat platform. All classes actively participated in the competition. French class, Portuguese class, and Spanish class won the top three with 16570, 11035, and 5229 votes, respectively, and the voting presentation was read for reached 55,541 times.

In the live show, 15 classes presented in the form of the French original song J'ai venu I've been here, Portuguese little theater little fortunate, micro video Meet the best of us, German song Bruder Jacob, Russian poetry reading  The “communities” and other rich and varied forms and demonstrated the positive and upward style of their classes and the unique cultural Zharm of each language. This not only enhances the cohesiveness and attractiveness of the Communist Youth League branches, but also promotes the work of the Communist Youth League to be more targeted and timely and enhance the vitality and creativity of the young members of the college to create a good atmosphere.

The class display activity was selected by the student's independent votes in the planning and planning contest of the College of Foreign Languages Communist Youth League activities. This activity is independently designed, independently initiated, and independently selected by League Member, then are participated by all, which will help stimulate the League Members' initiative and creativity, and enhance the attraction, cohesiveness, and combat effectiveness of the Communist Youth League 's branch.

It is reported that along with the ending of College of Foreign Languages’ “Remembering The Trust, Not Forgetting The Mission, And Being A New Citizen of The Century with Virtue And Ability , 2018 Class Style Exhibition Contest, series of campus cultural activities with same theme also gradually kicked off, which including “MISS Foreign” and Hou Ying Scholarship Selection, the “Foreign Languages Figures” campaign, the Happy Learning English Corner, and the 26th Foreign Language Festival at Nankai University, The Interpreters Contest and the Seventh National Interpreters Selection Competition in Nankai Campus and accompanied by cultural campaigns and other activities themed on“ Don't forget the beginning of the heart, the keep moving on with all strength| Foreign Language Persons' Mission and Responsibility”.