The College of Foreign Languages Held the Undergraduate Innovative Research Project Evaluation


On March 15th, the final evaluation of the 2018 undergraduate innovative research project was successfully held. Du Weihua, vice president of CFL, Li Dongyuan, director of the Teaching and Scientific Research Office, professional teacher representatives and counselors from various departments served as the judges. Seven project teams participated in the defense and the teams for new project application  participated in the study.

After the materials review, team presentation, and questioning by judges, the project of “Analysis and Suggestion of German Literature Popularization Status” led by Liu Yumengfrom 2015 German major of CFL and the projects of “The Origions of Deleuze’s spiritual theory”, led by Liang Wendongfrom 2014 French major ranked first and second respectivly, and they also obtained the recommended qualification for the university evaluation.

Li Dongyuan gave a summary of the teams’ situation and made specific arrangements for new projects. Du Weihua highly affirmed the efforts and achievements of the project teams and encouraged the new project teams to take seriously and actively implement it, hoping that they can enhance their scientific research level and capabilities through the progress of projects.

It is reported that since the establishment of undergraduate innovative research projects, CFL has attached great importance to the recruitment and training of students' research teams, and the undergraduate students has actively participated with a steadily increasing participation rate. The development of this project has effectively promoted the level of sciebtific research of undergraduate students of CFL.