Chairman of New Oriental Education & Technology Group Paid a Visit to Nankai University


In the course of life's struggle, we will certainly encounter various kinds of grievances, failures and setbacks. They arenot necessarily bad things for you in your life, but it will be a disaster for life if you choose to give up. Everyone must believe that tomorrow will be better, and if you meet difficulties tomorrow, there must be a better the day ahead.”On March 20, Yu Minhong, Chairman of New Oriental Education Technology Group, visited Nankai University. At the scene of the second Rookie Challenge competition held at the College of Foreign Languages, he gave an inspirational lecture to the students.

Prior to the lecture, Yang Kexin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice president of Nankai University, met with Yu Minhong and his party at Liangzheng Hall of CFL The two sides exchanged opinions on higher education reform, innovation and entrepreneurship education, and school-enterprise cooperation. The Party Committee Student Affairs Department of NK and the relevant person in charge of CFL accompanied.

In the lecture, Yu Minhong affirmed the courage and the pursuit of progress of the students who participated in the competition. He said that every person who has ever worked as a teacher can use the simpler and clearer method in the future to deal with the challenges of one’s career and life. More than a teacher's experience, anything you have experienced in your life will enable you to gain strength and growth in the future. According to Yu Minhong, it is not just a successful experience which is a treasure. Actually in certain stage of everone’s life,   there may be some failures. The only way to find meaning from a failed experience is to work hard. He told everyone that a person’s normal desire is a normal force for his own development, and he must not be afraid to look up at the stars. However, if desire swells and becomes rampant, it will become a stumbling block to the original plan. The ability to lead oneself and down to earth is an essential quality for talents in the new era.

The event site was packed with seats. The students participating in the event also communicated with Yu Minhong on how to look at the combination of artificial intelligence and teaching methods and how to improve the psychological quality of college students.