Wei Dapeng Extending His Regards to Teachers of CFL


On January 22rd, Wei Dapeng, the Party Committee Secretary of NKU, extended his regards to the teachers of the College of Foreign Languages.

Mr Li had a informal discussion with the leaders of CFL and extended his sincere regards to the teachers of CFL. He congratulated them on their achievement in the cultivation of talents, scientific research, social services, cultural heritage and innovation and international exchanges. He also paid his thanks to them for their devotion to school development, academic prosperity, discipline construction and the growth of students. At last, he encouraged them to continue to cooperate in the building of NKU a first class university with its own and Chinese characteristics as well as cultivate talents with high moral standards, write books to promote their theories and compete for innovation.

The leaders of CFL expressed their thanks for the regards from the Party Committee on behalf the teachers and expresses their opinions on and making suggestions of related work.

The leader of the Organization Department of the Party Committee accompanied Mr. Li during the visit.