The Term Bank of the Researches on the Localization of Marxism in China Led By Professor Wang Chuanying of the College of Foreign Languages Published To Society


On December 1, 2017, China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration publishes the Standardized Terminology Database for Translation of languages with Chinese Characteristics for the first time to the whole society, the term bank of the researches on the localization of Marxism in China led by Professor Wang Chuanying of the College of Foreign Languages, Nankai University included.

The term bank of the researches on the localization of Marxism in China is the first term bank serving English translation of the achievements of Marxism in China, which has collected 6397 entries with the result words of 10.2 million words / phrases, besides 6397 topic figures based on semantic computation. Its users include professional translators engaged in the English translation of the Marxist Chinese works, researchers engaged in the study of classical Marxism and contemporary Marxism, language services companies involved in contemporary Chinese culture, translation of academic achievements, as well as the English and translation learners.

From the perspective of the formation of terms, this bank contains a series of classical theoretical terms in Western philosophy and political economy, as well as important historical figures, events and professional vocabularies derived from and developed by Marxism in the revolutionary practice around the world, but also the revolutionary ideology, theoretical achievements and development path with Chinese characteristics that are rooted in the Chinese revolution and socialist construction. In order to support the need of English translation of the achievements of Marxism in China, this terminology library not only contains the translation scheme of the terms, a detailed definition, the source of the definitions and the expansion of the core words, but also put them in the context in the classic Marxism and the Chinese classics which are internationally accepted. At the same time, based on the data mining technology, it contains today's academic writing bilingual examples of terms, in order to effectively create the text used to guide the context of terminology. The terminology library can meet the needs of different users’ translation practice support, background knowledge retrieval and translation training.

As a research result of major bidding projects conducted by the China Translation Academy in 2016, the term bank is the fruit of collective wisdom. Nearly 40 teachers and students from College of Foreign Languages in Nankai University, College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering, College of Computer and Control Engineering, and College of Marxism in Tianjin Normal University participated in the project.

The term bank of the researches on the localization of Marxism in China also initially possesses the characteristics and functions of the internationally-accepted term bank and its basic structure and database construction are in line with international standards and can provide experience to build a large-scale term bank in the future. More importantly, this term bank can serve as a translator who aims to promote the path of China's development, its core values and the cutting-edge academic achievements of China's humanities and social sciences to the world. It is also embodies the confidence in theory, confidence in the road, confidence in system and confidence in culture in socialism with Chinese characteristics.