The Grand Ceremony of CFL successfully held


On December 22rd, the grand ceremony in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of CFL of NK has ended successfully in Tian Jiabing Concert Hall of Balitai campus. The grand ceremony has aroused much attention and received positive response from teachers, students and alumni. College leaders, professional teachers, the mentor representatives of student career development think-tanks , alumni representatives and teachers and students of all grades participated in this event. The atmosphere was lively, which showed the diversity of CFL.

The grand ceremony is divided into four parts: sharing of the stories scholarship winners, the performance of professional competitors , volunteer activities and social practice scenarios and the engagement ceremony for the tutors inside and outside the school. With a clear theme, the ceremony displays the great achievements CFL has achieved in all fields.

Professor Yan Guodong, Dean of CFL, reviewed the history of CFL in his speech, described the status quo of the development of the college and the discipline, and further discussed the cultivation of foreign language talents meet the needs in the new time. Established in 1997, CFL of NK has made great progress in education, academic research, professional standards and student training after 20 years of development. Today, faced with the challenges and opportunities of double first class construction, CFL is striving to build itself with its own characteristics.

In the message of the ceremony, the alumni of CFL wrote: Time is shuttling for 20 years, and the youth of CFL bloom in flowers; it is exciting to think of the past, and now we are all striding forward.

Promote the way of using the ceremony to educate studentsunder the influence of models

In the academic year from 2016-2017, a total of 18 students of CFL were granted the National Scholarship and 3 students were granted the Scholarship of People's Government of Tianjin. In the ceremony, the winners shared their growth stories which would not only help to cultivate students’ learning and thinking skills but encourage more students to work more diligently with lofty aspirations.

CFL has continuously promoted the construction of using ceremony to educating students and pays attention to the students' learning and development guided by the stories of model students which  will have more realistic valuable for students. How to enable students to not only stay on the good admirers admire and envy, but also take the initiative to narrow the gap, to achieve the overall level of steady improvement, The grand ceremony further explore how to enable students to take the initiative to narrow the gap and gain steady improvement in an overall level and has laid a solid foundation for future work .

The 11th Zhou Enlai scholarship winner and the undergraduate of English major of CFL, Zeng Jing Er told her story of growth. She said that the time in university is the most precious and wonderful in life. She showed her gratitude to NK for the four years she has spent here because it has taught her to know more about herself and keep making progress and breakthroughs.

Show professional knowledge and enhance the overall quality

In the education system, CFL, adhering to the guideline of classroom-based, after school activities as supplemented , uses the second class, professional competitions and other after-school activities to build a platform for students to exercise their professional ability as an effective supplement for professional learning . Students actively participated in all kinds of professional competitions both at home and abroad, English lectures, English parliamentary debate, Russian contest, Japanese speech, Russian Theater Festival, German debates and other activities, which fully demonstrated the solid professional knowledge and confidence of the students of CFL.

In the ceremony, the eight-language speech of 789 Time ( 7 departments, 8 foreign languages and 9 majors) wins a round of applause. All languages develop themselves hand in hand and they have made great achievements. In the past year, a total of 27 people have received national awards and 12 people district and municipal awards. In the future, they will avoid conceit and impetuosity and bring more glory to the college.

Determined to volunteer work and adhering to social practice

Their nation will be strong and prosperous if the youth is strong and full of energy; if the young people have their own ideal, ability and is responsible, there will be hope for the nation.and the nation.  Kong Dewei, a graduate student of the 2017 English Language and Literature major, quoted this sentence from President Xi in his speech The Responsibility of the Youth. He said that the younger generation should fully understand China and know more about the social reality by working with the masses and then make their own efforts to contribute to the welfare of people. At the same time, with today’s deeper level of internalization, young people also should stand on the international stage and make them heard by the world to let people know more about China.

Every year, there are a large number of students of CFL who are engaged in social volunteer work . Whether in large-scale conferences, competitions and forums at home and abroad, or caring for children with cerebral palsy, visiting the lonely old people, and supporting the education in poor areas for a long time or short time,we can find the students from CFL. In the social volunteer work, when they provide others with help and care, they also gain much experience and make themselves more mature. According to statistics, the students from CFL spent total 85,500 hours on volunteer work in the past year.

Students of CFL also are actively engaged is social practice which is an important part of college students' campus life.They went to 13 provinces and 32 cities across the country and established six Nankai book houses, which not only fully demonstrated their fervent concern for the current situation and the people's welfare but also their ability of using theories to guide practical work. The students show their volunteer work and social practice in the form of melodramas and lectures, expressing their determination to and passion for volunteer work and social practice.

Close cooperation between schools and enterprises to create an interoperable platform

Under the organization of CFL, the class tutor system and the mentor system of NK’s think tank of students’ career development have gradually become more mature . With the obvious effect of dual mentor model , the ability of students' career planning and development has been significantly improved. To express the gratitude and show further encouragement and support for its work, the college specially invited the class tutors for new undergraduates and the mentors from business think tanks to attend the engagement ceremony and issue them with an employment certificate.

As the representative of the business think tanks , the assistant of the vice president of New Oriental Education & Technology Group, President of North China Region and President of New Oriental School of Tianjin, Geng Geng said that they will strengthen their cooperation with CFL in talents cultivation in the future and hope that the college will bring up more outstanding talents for them and increase our communication to cultivate innovative talents together in a new era.

When it comes to the far-reaching significance of the grand ceremony, Zou Yujie, the party secretary, said that CFL had brought up numerous talents and it had attached much importance to teaching and scientific research with continuous reform and innovation in the past 20 years. She also said that CFL would always uphold the philosophy of Foreign Language Expertise, Humanities Quality, International Vision, Chinese Emotion and Nankai Character to strive with concerted efforts for more achievement in the next 20 years.