The Open Day of College of Foreign Languages Focusing on Growing of New Strength


In order to fully understand and grasp the of freshmen's dynamic thinking and better promote ideological and political work throughout the entire process of education and teaching, and form a joint force for educating people. On December 15, the 11th Open Day of College of Foreign Languages with the theme “Grow together with the New Strength was held. Leaders of College of Foreign Languages Zou Yujie, Yan Guodong, Jiao Youting, Li Na, Du Weihua, Dean Assistant Ma Hongqi and Freshmen Counselors presented the conference.

The conference presented and analyzed the results of the previous survey on freshmen. The meeting also discussed some issues of high concern such as the arrangement of professional courses, the provision of learning resources and improvement of teaching facilities.

The presented leaders of the college conducted an in-depth discussion with the student representatives on the questions and proposals displayed in the research report. The presented leaders sorted out all the problems on the spot and made relevant arrangements to put the plans into practice.

Zou Yujie, secretary of the party committee of the college, highly affirmed the problem-oriented and research data-focused problem feedback mechanism. She also encouraged students to make a full play of their dominant role in learning and scientific research and inspired them to carry out still in-depth investigation to discover problems in daily life, give feedback to problems and solve problems to build a harmonious atmosphere and a fine style of study in college.

It is reported that college of foreign languages takes students needs as the starting point, and regarded the problems encountered in practice as the guiding force aiming at enhancing the further development of the college. Before the leadership reception day, 324 valid questionnaires were received. This activity aims to understand the needs of students in an all-round way and to provide more services to students with the concerted efforts of all departments.