“Drama Blooms in Colorful College”Held in College of Foreign Languages in Nankai University


On December 3, the drama festival on theme   Drama Blooms in Colorful College  hosted by the College of Foreign Languages Nankai University was held in the small hall of the College of Foreign Languages. Teacher Jiang Min in Russian Major came to the scene as guest, and teachers from Youth League Committee and some student representatives served as judges.

The Department has serious prepared carefully for the drama festival and they performed wholeheartedly during the festival. The repertoire was colorful in the form and content. There is Book of Songs that embodies the traditional Chinese culture, as well as Count of Monte Cristo, Merchant of Venice and Cherry Orchard that showcase foreign cultures. There is also an original classic drama I Am Waiting for You with Knife in Hands and a classic fragment from Camouflage. What’s more, a show reflecting the Nankai students ‘patriotisms named College Students in the War was also played. The superb performance of each department, the excellent performing, and bold innovation won the bursts of applause. At the same time, teachers from Youth League Committee fully affirmed the students' performance and put forward pertinent suggestions in perspective of selection of plays, background music switching, proficiency of lines and stage performance, which benefited students a lot.

In the end, after the judges' discussions, the first prize goes to the play “the Song Ends But People Are Still Together”from of the Translator Major. The work is adapted from excellent ancient Chinese works Book of Songs, reflecting the life outlook of ancient social. The actors’ wholehearted performances, costumes, props and background music helped create a stage effect, so that the characters are vividly showed to audience; students also adopted a bilingual commentary form, which reflects the professional characteristics of our college.

It is reported that the drama festival  Drama Blooms in Colorful College”aims to enrich the second classroom of the students , enhance students’ awareness of the culture of all countries, enhance their ability of unity and cooperation, improve their performance ability and confidence, and show the characteristics of our college and our positive demeanor.