The Forum for Young Teachers was Held in the College of Foreign Languages to Promotes The Development of Disciplines


Recently, the College of Foreign Languages organized a forum for young teachers, and the Party and Government leaders of the college and all newly recruited young teachers in the past three years attended the forum.

At the meeting, the leaders of Party and Government leaders of the college told the young teachers in detail about the development of the College of Foreign Languages in the past five years, the progress made in teaching and research and the problems that will be encountered in implementing the goal of the 13th Five-Year Plan and the  Double First-rate” and stressed the important role young teachers play in the development of colleges and disciplines.

Yan Guodong pointed out that the college attaches great importance to young teachers 'working conditions, ideological conditions and team building conditions, and that the competitiveness of foreign language disciplines, the cultivation of students' standards, their future academic prestige and their international image depend largely on the efforts of young teachers. The college places emphasis on improving the internationalization of young teachers and encourages young teachers to participate in academic exchanges among international counterparts and enhance the academic competitiveness of young teachers.

During the discussion, the participating young teachers expressed their opinions on various issues such as the internationalization of colleges, undergraduate teaching, personnel training and the construction of teaching staff. The teachers who have taught for many years have also given important guidance to the teaching methods, research work and student training of young teachers and encourage young teachers to innovate, and to try interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies. The participating young teachers are deeply inspired. On behalf of young teachers, Gu Jiawei, Gao Tian and Wang Caixia respectively talked about their work experiences and their feelings of work since joining the college and expressed their confidence in contributing to the development of the college.

Shidou, an Italian young teacher who participated in the meeting, said: the guidance of the 'predecessors' is very valuable. At work, we must strive to balance the teaching and research with teaching being the first place. When we treat academic research, the spirit of' overall awareness,  and “stubborn spirit”are very important and we should combine the research methods learned abroad with the national conditions in China. The College of Foreign Languages is building “the base of nation research”. This fact inspires that Italian major as a newly created specialty, Italian also needs to set long-term goals and strive to build our majors into 'specialties that are based on the study of language and literature, and are characterized by nation research and set goal as international composite types. As a newly recruited teacher, I feel a long way to go and full of energy.  

At the end of the meeting, Zou Yujie hoped that young teachers will take the lead in implementing the fundamental task of cultivate people and appraise virtue. She said that many young teachers are very popular among students and have a great role model in setting examples and guiding student. They hope that young teachers will educate and guide students with the requirement of public ability, meanwhile, they should also be strict with themselves and attach importance to academic styley, to ensure the quality of classroom teaching, and fully responsible to students. It is necessary to make efforts to both make high achievements in academy and set an example in teaching and educating people.