Gong Ke went to College of Foreign Languages to Investigate


Recently, President Gong Ke went to the College of Foreign Languages to investigate.

The chief of the School of Foreign Languages reported the development of the overall work of the college from the aspects of discipline advantages and characteristics, the main work since the establishment of the new team, the overall goal and construction thinking of Double First-rate construction and the outstanding problems faced in the discipline development. Gong Ke listened attentively to the speech, fully affirmed the work status and work performance of the Institute of Foreign Languages, and put forward the guiding proposal on the key and difficult issues, pointing out the direction for the next step.

Gong Ke stressed that we must study and implement the spirit of the 19 th CPC National Congress in light of the actual situation in the college. He said: to study and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, we must closely integrate with implementing the spirit of ideological and political work in higher education institutions throughout the country, closely integrate with the implementation of the 13th Five-Year Plan by the school and thedouble-top-class the nine spirits are implemented in all aspects of the reform, development, teaching and scientific research, personnel training and other aspects of reform and development, innovation and promotation the development of various undertakings of the school to achieve tangible results.

Gong Ke pointed out: Although there are still many difficulties in the work of the college, the overall status is upward and the trend of accelerating development is being demonstrated. On the basis of this, we should further focus on implementing the fundamental tasks of the cultivation people and price virtue and thoroughly implement the public energy Quality education, high standards and strict requirements, comprehensively promote double first-class construction, handle teaching, scientific research, administration, student work and other aspects of relations; strengthen the construction of teacher ethics, cultivate first-class teachers to implement the three Full education; improve teaching and research standards, tap the academic potential, and earnestly deepen the teaching reform, with emphasis on strengthening scientific research, expand international cooperation; teachers academic skills should be deep , academic vision should be sharp ; vigorously cultivate the development disciplines Characteristics and advantages, play team academic research together, continue to put forward new cutting-edge research topics.

Before the meeting, Gong Ke inspected the foreign language school building renovation and upgrading. The heads of School Personnel Department, Academic Affairs Office, Social Sciences Branch, Real Estate Department and other department participated in the survey.