Lectures on Deleuze provided by Dr. Zhang Xianguang, Nankai Alumnus from Grand Valley State University



June 20-22, a series of lectures on Gills Deleuze were provided by Dr. Zhang Xianguang, a Nankai alumnus, from the Grand Valley State University, USA, who was invited by Ma Hongqi, professor of English and American Literature from English Department, Nankai University.

Specialized in Deleuze studies, Dr. Zhang focused on the introduction and illustration on Deleuze’s main ideas. The first day’s lecture was themed as “Deleuze: Philosophy and Ethics”. During the two hours he explained Deleuze’s fundamental terms including “vitalism,” “becoming,” “eternal return,” and so forth. He pointed out that to achieve the eternal return one needs to be actively involved in its own life and reach to the extreme to his potentiality.


The second lecture is about Deleuze and Interology. Concepts such as “interzone,” “mediators,” “affectability” and “virtue” were explicitly illustrated. Many examples from Buddhism as well as nature were offered, helping students to have a better understanding.

On the third day, Pro. Zhang combined Deleuze’s ideas to literary criticism, inspiring students to read and analyze literature from a new perspective.


At the end of the lecture, all the attendants went to the stage and took a photography with Pro. Zhang to celebrate and remark the success of this academic event in the Summer Semester.


Reported by: Kang Jia

June 22th, 2017