Dressing Etiquette of Academic Costumes for Graduates



Academic costumes is a manifestation of graduates’ academic degrees in different majors and academic levels. In addition, it serves to create a favorable atmosphere of showing great respect for knowledge and talents. Academic costumes play an important role in a person’s life. As a symbol of the turning point of life, academic costumes can call up graduates’ precious memories during their school days, embodying their respect and attachment to the instructors, schoolmates and alma mater. Furthermore, academic costumes can motivate graduates to give their potential to full play in the society. It usually consists of a gown, hood, cap and tassel. The value of an academic costume cannot be neglected.

In the senior year, do you know the dressing etiquette of academic costumes?

Tips: different colors of academic gowns for different academic degrees

Bachelor of Arts gown: black

Master of Arts gown: (dark) blue

Doctor of Arts gown: black and red

(Taking the 2017 graduates of College of Foreign Languages as an exemplar)


(Can you tell the different academic degrees among them?)

Following are thedressing etiquette of Academic Costumes for you to dress yourself naturally and properly:

Firstly, when wearing academic caps, keep the cap opening rightly in the middle of the back of your head, and keep cap crown in parallel to your sight.

Secondly, tassel hangs on the cap, naturally drooping along the cap brim. Before the degree-granting, tassel hangs in the middle of the right front of graduate’s cap. At the degree awarding ceremony, the principal or dean is responsible for shifting the tassel from the middle of the cap’s right front to that of the left front, with natural dropping.


Thirdly, wearing Inside: white or light-colored shirt with a tie. It has a long hood at the back with colors that represent the degree that you have just completed. The hood is worn outside the gown, the pullover on the shoulder, and the tab buttoned on the uppermost button of the gown, with the triangle naturally drooping behind.

Finally, Optimum trousers: dark trousers for males, dark trousers or deep, plain long skirts for females.

Optimum shoes: dark leather shoes.


Graduation from the university is not an end to life learning, but a new start for learning and growth in the society. Best wishes to graduates in 2017!


Written by: Wang Peijie

June 13th, 2017