Lectures on professional development of Russian Majors in foreign institutions




On the afternoon of May 7th, at the invitation of the foreign languages institute, Liang Zhongqi, a distinguished alumnus of 2005 class and Russian, delivered a lecture entitled experience in professional development of Russian Majors at the 111 lecture hall of the institute.

First of all, Professor Yan Guodong, Dean of the Institute of foreign languages, delivered a brief introduction to Liang Zhongqi and expressed his high hopes for the event. Liang Zhongqi after graduation went to work in the Third Railway Survey and Design Institute Group Co. Ltd., the European Department Business Manager China Railway International Co. Ltd. He is mainly responsible for the Russian Railway cooperation projects, including Moscow, Kazan railway project, Giuseppe three railway project.

With his own experience, Liang Zhongqi shared his two experiences with his students in his studies and career development. He pointed out that in the learning of Russian, we must lay a solid foundation, and try to find out the effective method; a certain accumulation to practice, practice, grinding their time abroad; instead, to expand their horizons and strengthen exchanges. He talked on occupation selection, Russian professional occupation as well as the future development of Russian workers who have to face in the future the challenge of the problems analysis. He emphasized the importance of occupation accomplishment in the occupation in the development. Liang Zhongqi on many issues of the academic in high perspicacity, his perseverance, excellence in work and forge ahead, and constantly go beyond, by the presence of teachers and students praise, also encouraged students.

In addition to the Russian students in the foreign college, many students from the Russian Department of Tianjin Normal University also came to the lecture site. Liang Zhongqi and the students had very good interaction, and the students raised questions patiently. Liang answered in detail. There are topics on the study abroad, school choice, professional choice and other issues made their views.Finally, Jiang Min, deputy director of the Russian Department, commented on the lecture. Student representative said that the lecture gave them a completely new understanding of Russian Majors' learning and career development, and strengthened their confidence and made clear the direction of their efforts.