The 2017 Doctoral Forum on multidisciplinary construction of translation studies was held in the CFL



On May 13th, Center for the study of translation at NKU and the research center of translation at Beijing Foreign Studies University co-sponsored the forum entitled multidisciplinary translation studies at NKU. Many well-known domestic and foreign scholars attended the meeting.

The scholars attended the meeting are Professor Gerhardt - Pudding ,dean of Austria Academy of Sciences, University of Vienna Research Center for translation studies and translation in terms of technical director, Kaiyiyong from Ottawa University, doctoral tutor for doctoral degrees, Professor Wei Xiangqing, Nanjing University School of foreign languages teacher, bilingual dictionary research center director, Professor Zhang Zheng, doctoral tutor, Beijing Normal University foreign Language Institute of comparative culture and the director of the Institute of translation studies, Professor Miao Ju doctoral tutor, director of the Research Centre for translation from College of foreign languages Nankai University, foreign language college doctoral tutor, Professor Wang Hongyin, deputy director of the Research Center for translation studies, doctoral tutor, foreign languages institute MTI Education Center Director Wang Chuanying Professor, foreign languages institute professor Ma Hongqi, Li Chunjiang teacher, Li Jingjing etc.. There are also doctors from Tsinghua University, Beihang University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing Normal University, Nanjing University, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies that participated in the forum.

Professor Miao Ju extended a warm welcome to all the teachers and students gathered in Nankai and wished the forum a complete success. Subsequently, Professor Wei Xiangqing shared her research on China terminology translation: characteristics and complexity. Other scholars talked about the identity of the translator from institutional ethnographic research, The Belt and Road Kyrgyzstan under the background of Manasi Oriental dissemination, China classical literature in English Chinese translation, annotation translation strategies of sociology the digital age China subtitle translation from four different angles of translation research multidisciplinary nature. Morning forum are concluded by Professor Keyon and Professor Puddingwho introduced their respective team at this stage .The speech, showing the forefront of diversity ,triggered a strong response of teachers and students.

The forum afternoon, doctors talked about the Chinese translation research of bibliometric analysis and translation of external resource query, the political discourse in intercultural communication the term filter effect, based on the NUTERM Library in English terminology management terminology translation research, metaphor of rhetoric of interdisciplinary research, 1582 to 1919, Western Philosophy in China translation and dissemination, Book of Songs translation of the vice text study, literary system in the competition, conflict and innovation in eight different aspects of the multidisciplinary nature of translation studies. The forum was full of academic atmosphere with teacher-student interaction for questions and discussion. Professor Keyon , professor Pudding and Professor Wei Xiangqing, Professor Zhang Zheng, Professor Miao Ju put forward the problems and comments to everyone to speak. At the same time, the doctors also listened to Professor Wang Hongyin's original views on translation studies and doctoral education. Finally, Professor Zhang made a wonderful closing speech and the forum ended successfully.

The forum provides rare academic opportunities for young scholars in translation studies. The graduate students and postdoctoral fellows have benefited from the forum both at home and abroad. They not only broaden the horizon of translation studies, but also shared their research interests. They all received face-to-face communication and talked about academic problems and made friends with each other.