Cooperative publishing has become a new mode of cooperation between the CFL and Austria University of Vienna



On May 11th, Professor Miao Ju, dean of the centre of translation and professor Yan Guodong, dean of CFL, signed a cooperation contract between the two universities hosting international first-class academic journals translation protocol with Professor Gerhardt Pudding, dean of the centre of translation at the Austria University of Vienna. Professor Du Weihua, associate professor, vice president of CFL attended the meeting and served as the German consecutive interpretater.

University of Vienna is a world-class university which has a history of 650 years, Austria is the largest and most diverse university. Its education, translation and research center is one of the 19 academic units, including translation and interpreting courses in intercultural communication and translation studies in 14 languages. The college professor Gerhardt Pudding specializes in terminology research and translation technology. He also serves as vice president of international terminology, vice chairman of International Institute for Knowledge Organization Association, vice chairman of the German branch of the International Association for the study of the term Carle Popper College Council and the international organization for Standardization Technical Committee chairman.

During the meeting, Professor Yan Guodong and Professor Pudding exchanged cordial talks, and discussed in detail the publication cooperation matters, including international academic publications, the trend of electronic and electronic journals acceptance, on-demand printing paper publications. They are eager to join the SCI index and also talked about the difficulty of the test and development orientation and periodical characteristics etc.. Yan Guodong attaches great importance to the talks, and expects the cooperation between the two universities publications, and wished them to be among the international first-class journals, and to emphasize its competitiveness in the development based on the characteristics of periodicals. Professor Pudding noted that the cooperation with the SFL of Nankai University and the University of Vienna has made relevant literature standard. The translation research center also has made a lot of preparation technology. Professor Miao Ju compared the popularity and trends of the electronic periodicals and conducted in-depth exchanges with Professor Pudding.

Finally, Professor Yan Guodong and Professor Pudding signed a cooperation contract between the two universities. The agreement marks a new milepost on both sides and opens the depth of cooperation. Professor Pudding said The Belt and Road brings new temporal development of Europe. Sino-EU cooperation activity was significantly enhanced. the joint initiative by the University of Vienna and the Nankai University cooperation will also promote the translation circle of The Belt and Road” construction.