Dr. Li Weijia from University of Wisconsin, Talks about American college life



On May 8th, CFL invited Dr. Li Weijia, assistant professor and international education master project director from University of Wisconsin at Madison to give lectures in teaching hall no. 7 on American college life and master of international education and foreign language education. Vice President Du Weihua attended the meeting, and students from various colleges of Nankai University attended the lecture.

In the first stage, Dr. Li Weijia introduced the history and current situation of University of Wisconsin at Madison. He especially introduced the education college teachers and academic leveld, and also the program of master of international higher education that he took charge of, including the requirements for recruitment, training plan, tuition fee, graduate employment status and PhD status.

Dr. Li Weijia proposes that the international perspective comes from international students. International Higher Education Majors form a learning team model through their own students and international students. Through fixed courses and collective cooperation, they effectively promote the exchange of information and broaden their horizons. Dr. Li Weijia also showed his students the study life of their students. He also pointed out the cases of students after graduation, either returning back to China or working in the US. He also introduced PhD applications.

On the second stage, Dr. Li Weijia, who also taught at the German Department, introduced the history and current situation of foreign language teaching in American universities, the teachers and the construction of curriculum design, professional foreign language at universities in the United States. He stressed that the American foreign language education university was more of literature and movie related as to the content of education. The majority of foreign language students choose a double major, such as computer, accounting or other foreign languages. He pointed out that with the rise of China and the Arabia world today, American colleges and universities pay special attention to the teaching of Chinese and Arabic. On the contrary, the traditional European language teaching in the United States gradually decline. In German department, for example, students who apply for master's and doctoral programs can receive a full scholarship, because the number of students who study this subject decreases year by year.

After carefully answering students' questions, Dr. Li Weijia introduced the employment direction, the master and doctoral graduates of American universities and scientific research fund, the school academic atmosphere and teaching philosophy, in the United States. He also talked about master learning and promoting students' exchange, university teacher and student relations, international higher professional education in the domestic application problems for the students. They answered the questions of the students and offered some useful suggestions for the students. Students attending the conference have a better understanding of life and degree and foreign language education in the United States, providing a new perspective for the later development of the students.