Du Weihua Gave Public Lectures at Jieyang, Canto



Vice president of our institute, Professor Du Wei, gives lectures in the Jieyang people's auditorium and German evening classes. He also talks about the German system and culture, and the intercultural communication between China and Germany.

At the Civic Auditorium, Du Weihua gave the Jieyang people a lecture on what Germany and the Germans were like. Through the contrast between China and Germany, he comprehensively and vividly introduces the human, geographical, industrial, institutional and social forms of Germany. The middle-level cadres in Jieyang city are the main body of the audience. Du Weihua, from the main theory of intercultural communication, discusses the pitfalls and Countermeasures of China and Germany in cross-cultural communication, and provides a training of intercultural communication for government staff with more German communication.

Jieyang is building Sino-German metal eco city, which is the first Sino German SME Cooperation Zone established by the Ministry of industry and Commerce of the state. It has become a business card for the Southern China region to cooperate with Germany in Southern China. During the lecture, Du Weihua visited the Sino German metal eco city and explored the cooperation between students and internships.