Portuguese ambassadors visited CFL of Nankai University



On April 19th, Portugese ambassadors Mr. George Torres Parreira and Ms. Joanna Pinheiro visited CFL of Nankai University. The staff of CFL participated in the meeting includes Yan Guodong, Dean of CFL, Du Weihua, vice dean of CFL,Portuguese lecturers Hu Jing and Chen Chen. The two sides exchanged views on the construction and development of Portuguese major at Nankai University.

On behalf of the Portuguese Embassy, the ambassador congratulated the CFL for establishing the major of Portuguese studies. He said the embassy would use the Portuguese government and school funds to support the Portuguese major. He also encouraged excellent teachers and students to visit Portuguese universities. Portuguese side would provide scholarships for outstanding students, and opportunities for Portuguese teachers for exchange. It would also provide Portuguese books to support and help CFL.


Yan Guodong introduced the Institute of foreign languages and the new Portuguese professional situation, and thanked the Portugese Embassy for their support of CFL at Nankai University. He also wished to establish professional and close cooperation between the two sides, to open up more channels for the deeper coordination between Nankai University and the University of Portugal, making contributions to the establishment of Sino- Portuguese cultural exchange.

Yan Guodong also invited the ambassador to attend the opening ceremony of the first Portuguese students in September, and also invited him to give a lecture to Portuguese students to introduce Portuguese culture, history, society and customs . The two sides exchanged gifts and posed for pictures after the meeting.

After that, Yan Chunhua, vice president of foreign affairs, met with visiting guests at the building. On behalf of Nankai University, Yan Chunhua welcomed President Torres and his team. He said that Nankai has always attached great importance to international development, and Portugal and other countries to maintain long-term good relations of cooperation. The university aimed to provide global Nankai construction and The Belt and Road along cooperation for the development goals, to improve the level of international cooperation at full range. In this context, he hoped that the two sides to carry out more in-depth cooperation in the field of language learning, cultural exchanges, student exchanges and other fields. Yan Chunhua hoped that the ambassador can come to Nankai to give Portuguese students a first lecture for the new semester, to introduce the history of Portugal, culture, society and customs.

Torres thanked the university’s warm welcome. He said it was a great pleasure to come to Nankai University, a famous Chinese University, and to communicate with young students is the best way to improve mutual understanding. Jorge TorresParreira said, Chinese and Portugal in the cultural, social and educational fields have maintained close ties, and he is willing to promote exchanges and cooperation between the two countries to promote bilateral friendly education, and to continue to make contribution.

It is reported that the Ministry of Education released the undergraduate colleges and universities filing and approval of the results of the year 2016.The Portuguese major at Nankai University and other 4 professional majors were formally approved by the Ministry of education for the record. The major of Portuguese aims to cultivate good humanistic and scientific literacy system and solid Portuguese language and literature knowledge, for students to understand the society and culture of Portuguese speaking countries, with a strong Portuguese language use ability. They can work in the field of foreign affairs, translation, education and research.